Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Shop Until You Drop!

Well the day started out with me playing around with my new camera and taking a few test shots. I fiddles with all the settings and played with this and that! I once took a camera course on my Canon SLR, and even developed them. But as time goes by, interest's change and for one reason or another, the camera gets set aside until it's all but forgotten. Then when I take it out, I forget everything I learned on it. I had all the bells and whistles to go with it, and I love to take pictures and learn how to do it right. So, the camera terms and theory are all familiar, with this new digital camera, but it seems anything new these days, bloggles my mind! Reading a manual is absolutely impossible, as I have to read the same paragraph over and over to comprehend, or at least, try to comprehend what I'm reading. There are rare moments with a light bulb goes off in my brain, but I think my problem is, I look at things harder then what they really are, and I want to know it all instantly!

I took a couple of pictures, but had this little graph that looked like it belonged on a life support machine, on every picture I took. I read until my eyes hurt, and could not find out how to get it off the camera.
So, off I went to where I bought it and all he did to get rid of my problem was push a little button!! How can I be so stupid!! (Don't answer that!)
So, while in the Mall, I thought I'd browse a little, with NO intentions of buying anything. It was just something to do until my camera battery was charged.

I walked into The Bay store. Ohmygosh!!! The sales are incredible!! They were marking down almost everything in ladies wear. Blouses and tops for $5.00 and up to $10.00, that where originally $55 and $70!!
How can they do that!!! How much do they pay for those clothes and still make money at such markdowns?
I couldn't walk out empty handed, so came home with 4 different and really nice tops. I put so many wonderful things back on the racks, and tried to reason with myself, that I don't need them!! I won, except for the 4 tops, everything else, I left behind. Boooo Hoooo!!
So, I didn't come home like the picture at the top of my page!! I came home with one bag and sore feet!

I got the most wonderful email with great pictures from John my pal, back home! Thanks so much John and I'll write real soon!! What a ton of changes in Belleville!! Wow!!

We are looking forward to Meredith and Dave's wedding this Saturday and the forecast is hot and sunny!! It's an back yard, casual wedding, so we don't have to dress up! Yahoooooo!!

Picture of the day: John on the left, at his retirement party, last Friday, along with two students of Radio Broadcasting and a friend, I haven't seen in YEARS, Brian O. who was once a professer at the College!! Looking Good Brian!! Congratulations John!! Still wowwing those pretty young things!!!!

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