Monday, June 16, 2008


I love these flowers!! I had a big bush of peonies out in front of my house, plus a few in the back yard. June is the time they came into bloom, and the smell drifting in through the screen door was so delighful. Then we'd get a heavy rainfall and down they'd fall, soaked with rain, which would generally be the end of them. Short and very sweet!

Speaking of sweet.. we were in an Iranian food market the other day and because I love candy floss, and because Tom was looking for Saffron oil, (couldn't find it, and a good thing too, as saffron is VERY expensive.) We ended up buying this saffron flavoured candy floss that the Iranian fellow was telling us how delicious it was. I could hardly wait to get home and try it.

Well, it didn't look like our candy spun cotton candy, it looked and was the same feel and texture as well as colour of TJ's fur, and tasted like I figured his hair would taste! Blah!!!! Tom and I had a mouth full of it and was trying to eat it and it was impossible to spit out, as it was kind of melting. We had to eat what was in our mouth to get rid of it! Blah, Blah, Blah!!!! I'll feed it to Joan next time she comes. She loves candy!!

I just came back from a walk to the Library with my friend who lives across the road. We went the back way through the little path that goes through the woods and over little wooden bridges. It's a pretty walk. Then we stopped and had a tea at the Senior Center, which is quite a Center!! I should go more often!

Yesterday, we were invited to Merediths (Toms daughter) for a Father's Day lunch. It was a fun day are those always with Tom's family.
Everyone chowing down!
I have a roast beef cooking in the oven with lots of garlic and onions and the smell has me salivating, and my tummy knawing with hunger. So, I'm leaving now, to go fix the rest of dinner.

Picture of the day! The name of our place in West Vancouver

Thought of the day: No food tastes as good as the food you eat when you're cheating on a diet!

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