Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 18th

Well, here we are again! I can't believe, I've kept this up since January,and the numbers continue to climb, thanks to you the reader! When it hit's 5000, wouldn't it be wonderful if EVERYONE noted the hard work that goes into this, by signing the guestbook. Granted, I do enjoy doing it, even though it takes a whole lot of time, and sometimes, can be very frustrating when nothing works out, but I'm still here!!

I like this little picture above. Anyone my age will remember the Cupie dolls or Kewpie they may be spelled, but I remember them mostly on a long stick, sold at the circus, with little feathers around their middle. Brings back many memories!

Remember the metal horse you could win at the circus?
I remember Mom had one of these and just loved it. In fact we had two! I wonder what happened to them, they made wonderful door stops!

When I was a kid, this was a movie, I went to see at least....10 times!!
I loved it and was in love with everyone it the movie. Then my little friend, Frances and I would play circus, and some of the imagination that went into making the circus and charging the neighbourhood kids, 5cents, blow's my mind when I think of it today! Kid's today, just have no idea of these kind of things, and what fun it was. Imagination is a wonderful thing!!!

Did I mention....I met Charlton Heston, in fact had dinner with him, took pictures of his arm around me and he was very charming....that's another story!!! I wish I had my pictures here again to show you them. One of these day's if I go home, I'm coming back with the whole big
box of pictures, no matter what it cost!!

Well, that's my blog for tonight! Hope it brought back some memories for you too!

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