Monday, July 7, 2008



Well, I think I've figured out some of these digital bells and whistles, and some are flops, but their are many features on this camera and I find going out and taking the pictures and then reading the manual, seems to work better for me. It seems to begin to make sense just a tad more!

I took a walk down to the pier and turned around and shot a pictures of home, so the second large building on the right of the screen, three floors down, is our home. One side of balcony, we can see the next picture view. Then, the side you can't see is where the mountains are, which are to the right of the picture and you can't see them in this shot.

Now, when I turn around, this is what I see...the Pacific Ocean

This is walking down the Pier

At the end of the Pier, there is a guy fishing, sailboats and the Lion's Gate Bridge, also some boats out sailing. Also, the beach that is packed on weekends. Looking the other direction, is looking towards Dunderave.

One of the many birds looking for a free handout, and the picture on the right is the beautiful Sea Wall walk that goes all the way to Dunderave, the next little town. The tide is out, so you can see the seaweed.

Well, I can't put too many pictures at once on here as it slows down many computers, so tomorrow, I'll show you more of Ambleside, in West Vancouver. It's pretty darn nice here!!
See you tomorrow!

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