Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ya gotta love this weather eh? Sunshine and wonderful heat!! I love it!!

First of all before I show you some more pictures I took yesterday, I want to show where some people come from that read the blog. It's amazing and I thank you all!!

Map of the world. Under the mass of pins are more pins underneath!

Great Lakes and friends from home
Vancouver and Victoria areaCalifornia
Great Britian and Europe
Below the Great Lakes and New York and further all the way to Florida
Quite often, these same people come into the blog multiple times and I wish I knew who they are. My email is www.irish5@hotmail.com So, leave a hello!!

This is for all of you.....

Some more pictures from yesterday.

An old chair cut out of an old log. Looks comfy! Also a walk through the start of Doggie Park. Beautiful, winding pathway, then you come to the Ocean and the dogs are swimming and chasing balls and it's fun to see....another time, I'll show you!

This is the flower clock, but I took it from the car window not at a good angle. Also some lovely flowers!

That's it for today, and because of the pictures, you may have to scroll down to find yesterdays blog.

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