Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Birds of a Feather, Flock Together
Well, the trivia quiz bombed, so that's the end of that!!
Goodness, how can I entertain you people?? So, the answers are:
#1 Scapegoat
#2 5

#3 40

#4 4-Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat

#5 Killing a cat

#6 Underground

#7 25 MPH

#8 Crowded House 11-10

Which means..nobody attempted to answer the questions, so there goes the brand new Bentley car, you could have won....it was a pretty silver colour too. Oh well!! Better luck next time!!

How about the new addition to the blog...any comments on that? It's a little on the big size, but there is no way to make it smaller. I'll leave it for a week and see if it's correct with the temperature. If not, it goes the way of the Trivia!

Another addition, that may entertain you for about 15 seconds or less is the cat virtual cat. Don't see it eh? Well, you have to scroll down to the end of this page. Remember..curiosity got the cat!!! He'll stick around for same amount of time as the weather report, and a few days longer then the trivia!!

Yup, this is what it's doing here today!! Boy are they coming down too!!! Pouring, grey, cool, and plain miserable. A good day for a snooze, but what am I doing...trying to entertain you!!

Actually, I'm trying to keep myself awake. We have to drive to Horseshoe Bay in an hour for a appointment. DRATS!!! It's a beautiful place in Horseshoe Bay, but on a day like this, it's just not uplifting in any way!!

I guess Auntie Irene is babysitting the "Terror of Ontario" at the moment eh? TJ, is visiting for a couple of days and playing with Tizzie. TJ is the smaller dog.

Well, we are getting ready to rumble here, so I better sign off.

Have a great evening

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