Monday, July 28, 2008


The start of another week and our summer is slipping away quickly! For those back at work after your vacation, my heart goes out to you! I remember those hard first days back! Sometimes, though, it's good to be back at work. We are creatures of habit and getting back into the routine of our everyday lives can be a relief as well.
Bahhhh, it's not really all that bad eh??
But, then as I sit here watching Martha Stewart, I can say life is good. She stresses me out with all her talents though!

Tom and I walked down to a corner restaurant we often pass by, that advertised breakfast, but we never have gone in before, so we decided to go down for breakfast this morning. The owner must have decided breakfast wasn't working out for him, because, when we walked in, he was on the phone but told us, he wasn't open until 11 and didn't serve breakfast anymore. So, we walked further down to a little coffee shop and just had a tea-biscuit and coffee for $10.53. Tad expensive eh? We had a morning walk anyway!

Change of pace here...the other day, my cousin Dorothy wrote me and was telling me about a little girl from China that her neighbour friends had adopted. This is her letter with names with last names deleted.

"Those pics I sent of little Isla, pronounced (Eye-lah), were taken by someone in an orphanage in China. My friends, adopted a little Chinese girl (Georgia) a few years ago. That little dude fascinates me. She is so bright its scary. She comes out with the funniest stuff. She came from one of the few good orphanages in China. Sometime, if you have time click into Chinese orphanages and read the blogs of people who have adopted. No kidding Linda, it will make you almost weep. Georgia was left at the door of this place dressed in expensive baby clothes so they figure the parents had passed their quota on the number of kids and to avoid punishment, turned this little girl out. Her clothes were very good ones. Once you are approved here in Canada and by the Chinese they choose a child and send pics. My friends went for Isla last year. She was from a very bad place and was left there in rags at the door. I saw some pics of her on her bed and it was a piece of plywood. She had rickets from poor nutrition but that's OK now. Her new Mom said it was quite a distance in northern China from the first place. She was horrified at the conditions there. No money for food or much else. She is a quick little kid and happy as a lark.I can see Georgia will be the curious bright student and Isla will be the party girl. Anyway those pics I sent were sent to my friend from the orphanage. Quite deceiving to say the least. All the families, 25 of them fly from Vancouver together. They have kept in touch and on the civic holiday in Aug. they are all getting together at my neighbours. They have 5 or 6 acres up near here and everyone is camping outdoors. Imagine 30 some Chinese kids running hither and yon. My friends are in their 50's and nobody can figure why at their age they adopted two little kids. China has since passed a law you must be under 50 to adopt so they just got under the wire. They would be disqualified now."

I did Google Chinese orphanages, and yes, there as some very sad stories! Heartbreaking to say the least. One family who had a little girl, and were so disappointed in the sex, that they never registered her with the Government, until after they tried for another child. It was a boy, so they gave up the little girl to an orphanage. How sad!!! A boy is more important to the parents as tradition is that to a Chinese family, a boy will look after the parents in their old age. Girls go to live with the husbands family, plus there in the one child only allowed there. I didn't include the pictures Dorothy sent, but they looked like sweet well cared for children, which really is a ruse, because they sure don't look so well looked after in their everyday, sad life in the orphanage. They were groomed and posed for the adoption pictures.

I just found it a touching story, one that we are all likely aware of, but it sure makes us appreciate our freedom of choice in good old CANADA!!

Our summer, sunny weather is about to change! Tues-Friday, rain and much cooler temperature's are called for. I hope the nice weather comes back!!

Well, I better get off this hunk of burning technology and go do something constructive.


See how many of these trivia question you can get right. Answer's tomorrow!!

I should start a trivia contest on here everyday and the person with the most correct answers within a month wins a prize. A small prize!!!

So you don't copy each other, you will have to email me at I'll keep a tally who answers the most correctly! No cheating and looking it up on the internet!!

What animal linked name describes someone who always gets blamed?

How many James Bond movie titles have just one word in the title?

Which is the lowest whole number, when spelt out, is in correct alphabetical order?

How many "c's" denote the value of a diamond?

What is 'felicide'?

What is he only word in the English language that begins and ends with und?

According to Tina Turner, what is the speed limit in Nutbush?

Which band has won more ARIA awards, Crowded House or Midnight Oil?

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