Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coronation Street

My favourite and only soap!

Seven pm, Monday to Friday, this is where you will find me, sitting watching Coro Street! My sister Roxanne, got me hooked on it years and years ago and after, I got used to what they where saying, I got thoroughly hooked. Tom wander's in when I'm watching it and all I hear from him is "what he/she say?" He finally gave up when I shushed him multiple times, and now, he just goes and lets me watch it in peace.

Where they come up with the story lines is beyond me, and how they can drag a story out for weeks and still keep such a large audience is also beyond me, but it's such a favorite, that when CBC was going to take it off the air many years ago, there was nearly a revolt!! We all have or favourite, be it the one everyone likes, or maybe it's the villian, but we are all mostly sad when one of the characters are cut from the show and new actors take up residence on the Street

However, I hear lots of complaints lately that all the old favourites are being cut and these new and very young teenagers are taking over the show. I hope my interest doesn't wane!!

This morning was spent cleaning and dusting and cleaning moss off the edge of the balcony, making a mess on the floors below!! I hope nobody know's where it came from! I'll go down tomorrow and clean it off the pavement, but right now, my back is killing me, and just want to get into a hot tub and soak, take some Advil and head off to bed. No fireworks for me tonight....meaning...the firework display is on tonight!!! Not the other kind of fireworks!! Hmmm!!

Tom and I went out for dinner tonight and I had delicious lasagna, which half is in the fridge.

As you can see nobody bit on the trivia except Roxanne,and she had a few wrong, so the 2009 Bentley car wasn't won, and the trivia is cancelled!! Tough titty!!

So folks, I'm off, and into the's that time of night!!

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