Thursday, July 31, 2008


History is being changed for many in Owen Sound where I grew up until about 12 years old.
This is Strathcona School in Owen Sound and also where we lived right beside. Where the white trailer beside the school is where our house just about began. It too was pulled down to make room for more school, which looks like it is a compact trailer for added classes. All my little bit of growing up history is being removed, never to return to. How sad!!
One of my great daredevil feats, when a child, was making the great leap from the stone pillars beside each door. When I was small, it was such a long way down, and to jump and land in a big thump, was a show that I was as big as my older brothers. Sure doesn't look like a big jump now, but I sure know it would be a bigger feat to jump now!! Those cement barriers where not there either, it was a big open school yard, where we played baseball in the bottom right corner.
I remember being in kindergarten there (classroom on set of window's on the left) I was terrified of going to the washroom, because you had to walk through this big cavern of a basement with gyms on both sides, and walk to a little room at the other far end of the school. I hated going there, and still have the odd nightmare of going down there. It was a scary place to me.
Thanks to my Cousin Dorothy for these pictures.

I guess time marches forward and changes happen that we often hate to see. Nothing ever stays the same!

Right now, as well as doing this, I'm watching Frank McCort, narrating a television show about Ireland's Pubs. I think we've been in a few of them Roxanne!! Fond memories! The music was in full bloom during our time there, as it's showing on TV! Remember the guy with the moustache after a glass full of Guinness. He was VERY good looking and knew it, and strutted around, almost saying "look at me!", then he took a drink of foamy Guinness and was left with a white moustache and looked very silly!! How we giggled at laughed. Maybe it was the Irish Whiskey we had been drinking that made it funnier then it really was!!

Went for my walk today and then Tom offered to take me to the White Spot for Eggs Bennie. I love egg' Bennie, but ask for Monty Bennie, which also comes with cheese and mushrooms and I love them. But, I am just plain tired and felt like going home. My back is still aching, and for some reason when I get a B12 shot, I get really tired instead of the boost most people claim they get. I always have to be different!! So, we came home, I went to bed and slept soundly for a few hours.

I never watched what they said was the BEST fireworks display last night, but I was in bed, heard them, got up for a peek and went back to bed. I'll watch on Sat, when all three are in competition

I'm off to the bathtub and bed

Goodnight, and sleep tight!

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