Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, the weekend is finally over! This has been the longest weekend ever, at least in my mind, because I did the Canada day blog on Friday, thinking that was all the blogging I'd do for the weekend and take a break, but then found out July 1st was further along then I thought! So, I kept adding more each day! So, this is it!!! Happy Canada day TODAY!!

It's been a quiet day for us and I feel guilty about it, as Canada Day celebrations where everywhere, and for us, only a block away! It was a hot one today, and we just didn't feel like strolling around on a hot day. I should have gone down....see...guilt!!

All we did was drive over to the mall to have a Taco. Tom seems to have a hunger for them and yet never bothered with them before. So, that was about our day, and then home to sit on the balcony, just enjoying the day. I mixed up some frappacino's and made myself sick on them!!

And the scales climb!

We are waiting now for it to get dark for the firework display. We watched the barge going by with the fireworks on board, so if we can stay awake, we have a wonderful spot to watch it, and have a choice from two or more different displays going off. We can see Canada Place where a display is to held and also the ones between Ambleside and Dunderave.

So, I'm off to have my bath, put on my robe, wrap myself in a blanket and get ready to watch the show!
That's it for tonight folks!!

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