Wednesday, July 2, 2008


HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY TO MY GRANDSON MATTHEWMatt, you are so lucky, that your baby pictures are at home or, I'd have them on display for all to see know your Grandmother!!!

Matt and his lovely girlfriend Erica.
Matt is a wonderful Grandson, and very popular with friends and teachers. He's a party person!!! Has always been very athletic, especially in hockey, with walls of trophys.
He went to Finland, and Sweden to play hockey with his teamates 2 years ago and they did spectacular.

I've got some very special memories of fun times with Matthew, however, I'm just sorry, I'm missing out on so many more great moments as he begins adulthood. I loved it when he called me on his cellphone last year when I was home and said "Hey Gramma, can you come into town and go for a beer with me!" Wow, what a special moment, that at his age, he wanted to sit with his Gran and have a beer.

Party time with his friends! Matt on the right.
Matt and Erica (cute couple!)
Enjoy your birthday Sweetie, and although the miles are between us, I'm thinking of you all the time and sending you the worlds best wishes.

Love Grandma and Tom xoxoxoxoxoxox

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