Friday, August 1, 2008

AUGUST 1st/08

Gee, that picture of a plump red-head looks familiar!!

Here we are in August already! For some reason, the summer hasn't seen like a summer. Not once, did I wiggle my bare toes in the green grass, or sit under a tree in the shade and read, or watch the scenery, no swimming, no ice cream cones, no listening to music outdoors! Not once, have I been on the sea-wall, or wiggled my 10 toes in the sea! It just hasn't been a normal summer for me, it seems.

I'm hoping to take in some of the activity this weekend though, that is taking place around the area. Sat, I'd love to take in the huge chamber orchestra playing outdoors just a block away, then the big finale firework show on Sat. night, from our balcony, and on Saturday afternoon, I'd love to have a look at the gay parade with all the fancy outfits and floats that takes place downtown Vancouver. I hear it's a blast!! I'm only an onlooker!!!

What a photo-op, this could be!!

This is the month we go on our cruise to Alaska too!! I'm starting to count the days and can't wait!! All that great posh meals to make, no beds, no laundry, just get up and entertain fact, even the entertainment is done for you! How good can it get eh?

My cousin Dorothy(my roving reporter) sent me some more photo's of Strathcona school for those of us, that are familiar with it and why. I won't include them on this blog, but will on tomorrows. Our house was once right beside the school and in order to expand the school, they tore our house down, so I asked Dorothy to go to the back of the school to take some pictures of where Dad's great garden once was, so she did, but also included this funny story she had when taking the photo's!

"You have been sent 4 pictures. All taken from the back of school. Two of them, I was standing where I thought our garden was. There has been quite a controversy about tearing down the school. Too expensive to fix all the problems and drastically reduction in enrollment. Looks good from the outside. I have more to send and a story about being in behind there last evening when a car load of bad looking dudes came racing in. Mexican stand-off. Both them and me, looking shocked, "what are you doing here?" This city has a real problem with heroin addiction among teens. I wondered if they use that secluded spot to do their deals. They must have thought "what's this old granny looking to buy?". They left in a hell of a hurry. Scared of me no doubt. Then a couple of kids came lurching out of the bush looking dishevelled. Easy to guess what they were up to.They headed off on the path toward 10Th St. and kept looking back at me. One could be entertained all evening back in there. I then went off to the library and encountered an odd man there. I'll send the Joseph house etc. later to-day."

They probably thought you where an undercover cop in disguise! Owen Sound Police must be having trouble with recruits!! hahhaha (Dorothy is over retirement age and that's all I'll say, otherwise, it may be me that's roving.....right to the moon!)

Being my roving reporter is tough work eh and the benefits aren't great either!! (But, I did have a great chuckle!) Next assignment: (she has a new camera too), is to the cemetery for the latest picture of some graves, just to see how the grass is growing!!! Specifically on certain graves, that I know you will figure out, because not only are you a fantastic roving reporter, but a super sleuth, which asset, comes naturally in our family! (Just ask Roxanne about that one!)

My roving reporter also sent me an article about the last hanging of a man in Owen Sound and how my father, being a policeman there at the time and was involved in the arrest, had to witness the hanging. I remember Dad telling us about it, and it bothered him for such a long time after.

Well, to leave on a cheery note, I'm feeling better today, still a wee bit tired, so must have had some kind of bug. I sure did lots of sleeping and so soundly that apparently, Tom said the phone practically rang off the hook while I was napping and I never heard a thing. I woke up in my usual grumble-grumble mood after an afternoon nap, we had supper and I was back in bed and asleep by 8:15 for the whole night and got up at 9 this morning, feeling like I wanted to greet a new day!

So, see you tomorrow!

Note: No Roxanne, not even a ride in the Bentley!! I cancelled the order when nobody won the trivia. You had too many wrong answers to win! Better luck next time!

John!! When did you move to Afghanistan?? Is that what you do when you retire? I can think of better places then that!!! However, you'd look good in a turban, and it would save on a sunburned head eh? As for the test, you did better then me! Forth time and I only got 52.

I guess, I'll include this test on here. It's really neat to see what your mental age is.

Read the following instructions since the game is in Japanese:Procedure of Flash Fabrica Game:
1. Touch 'start' 2. Wait for 3, 2, 1. 3. Memorize the number's position on the screen, then click the circle from the SMALLEST number to the BIGGEST number. 4. At the end of game, the computer will tell you the age of your brain.

Good luck !!

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