Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Sitting here on a lovely warm day, enjoying a vodka Ceasar with Tom and watching Oprah tell all the woman viewers, how to make your vagina smile!!! Oh the things we learn from Oprah!

Oops!! Wrong Area!!!!
This morning, I went for a walk with my friend Irma, and also picked up from the Iranian store, a eggplant dip, which Tom and I also had with our drink. It's delicious!! I also brought home some samosa's and some Nann bread. Tom said he's so proud of me, going multi-cultural and trying different ethnic foods, which I wouldn't try when I first arrived here. It really is all very delicious!! Butter chicken...mmmmmm yum!!

At the wedding reception, they served these VERY delicious deep fried, East Indian type of finger food, which I keep thinking about and salivating. I wish I knew what they are, and I'd make some. Also they served the most tender bits of chicken I've ever tasted and Sooooo good!!!

Other then the above, I have nothing new to tell you about. Pretty boring blog! But, it's mid-week, and my evening is going to be soaking in a hot tub and reading my book called " I Don't Want To Join A BookClub!" which is just a silly book with light reading, but I get a giggle from it now and then. It's a sort of diary of a woman in her 60's. Something I can relate to!

So with that."hasta la vista"

(not only eating it, but speaking it!!! hahahah)

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