Wednesday, July 9, 2008



Back again! It was another fun day with Tom today. I never know when we get up in the morning, what the day will bring. He's always full of surprises. Not fantastic, earth-shaking stuff, just the fun we have being together and enjoying everything we do.

We ended up way over in Vancouver somewhere, where he wanted to see a carving done by a fireman done with a chainsaw. This is the picture!

Then we checked out a wholesale place, and then a tour of Stanley Park. Here are some pictures, and some we're taken through the car window.

Lots of lovely shaded roads and big trees.

Horse caravan, full of tourist Looking toward North Vancouver

Looking towards the Lions Gate Bridge and statue of girl on a rock (didn't have time to zoom in the moving fast car!!)

The Cruise ship terminal where the Ryndam was docked getting ready to sail to Alaska tonight, the picture on the left is what's left of the snow on the mountains.

Tom got a new modem yesterday and my computer keeps disconnecting. I got this far yesterday and it quit on me, but the draft was saved. I couldn't get connected until now...Thursday July 10th, and I'm showing very slow speed on the connection, so I have to phone Telus...again!!
So, I'll try another blog for today, later on.

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