Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The day started with both Tom and I sleeping in! For some odd reason, the neighbourhood was still quiet at 8:30 and we both enjoyed a longer sleep-in. We had that groggy sort of feeling that usually accompanies too much sleep on a very warm morning, so we decided we'd just have a lazy stay at home day, and be more or less "slugs." We had our usual bowl of cereal, and in my foggy haze, even managed to peel some peaches to top our Cheerios. Then we migrated to the living room chairs to watch The View. During the break, on came the huge lotto winning advertisement of $43 million up for grabs. This overwhelming feeling of being very lucky today came over me, and I sat dreaming of how I'd spend it....then.....wait a minute.....I don't have a ticket!! Drats!! That means, I have to get dressed and go out. Did I really feel all that lucky, after all?? wouldn't happen to me...I'd never win that jackpot, in fact I haven't won a thing since living in BC. Ontario was kinder to me and when I last had this "Lucky" feeling, I went right over to the store awashed in feeling like I had lucky fairy dust sprinkled all over me and bought a ticket and won $1,700. So, I wrestled these thoughts back and forth, and finally jumped up and decided I was getting dressed, makeup, the whole sch mere and go out and seek my fortune!

When I got to where I buy the tickets, there was no parking, in fact quite a traffic congestion was going on, so decided to go get some needed groceries and pick up the ticket on the way home.

Tom asked me to stop at the liquor store as well, and voila....a nice parking space awaited me, so as I get out of the car, I'm noticing, something doesn't feel right with my clothes, and was cursing myself under my breath from eating to much lately. Went to put the keys in my pants pocket, but my pockets were backwards. Ohh my gosh, I had my pants on backwards, and that's why the big bulge in the front was, where my rear should have been! What to do?? I tried to pull my shirt down as far as it would go, to cover the backward pockets and bulge where my bum should be and sort of slunk down and did this crazy walk into the Liquor Store. Once in there, I asked a female worker if they had a washroom I could use. She gave me the once over as she was deciding if she should let a customer use it, when I told her what my problem was. She did another once over and started to laugh and told me I could use this room, but because of the STUFF back there, she would have to stay in the room. I didn't care, so off came the pants, turned them around and all was right in my world again!

So, I'm in Safeway, and they have three express lines open and one normal line and it had a young Japanese woman, who is just learning how to check out groceries. She has a older woman customer, who wanted her groceries delivered, so this was something she hadn't come across yet, so she fumbled and fumbled while I set my groceries out of the cart and onto the check-out belt. I bet I stood there for 15 minutes. Finally, one customer got mad and demanded to see the manager and started hollering at him "How come there were only 3 express lanes open and only one main one, does everyone think I have all day?" she hollered at the top of her lungs. Immediately another line opened, but I already had my stuff up on the checkout, so had to stay, while I waited and waited!! turn!! She was Soooo slow!! But, I understood and tried to have patience, all the time, rolling my eyes at the next lady who was off loading her cart, next to my groceries. Then I had some pork chops that had a 50% off sticker on it. She tried to tear it off to get to the code under it, but was having difficulty and now she's struggling and now the lady behind me is rolling her eyes at me , and we are both sort of snickering, another clerk, came up and shut the light off at my checkout station and told the Japanese girl to go for break. My check out gal, turned it back on, the clerk, turned it off, and I swear....that light was turned off and on by both of them at least 15 times while they argued! This was getting to be fun to watch!! The clerk was warning the girl that she was going to get herself fired, she was to go on her break, and off went the light. The girl, said she wasn't finished and snapped in on. The clerk told her she never listens and to get going, she would finish, and snapped off the light! On it went again, as soon as the clerk left. Finally, she finished off me, turned to the other lady behind me and said. "Could I help you?" The lady waved her hands over the groceries and gave her the hint, that yeah....check these out, I've been waiting for 20 min. So, I'm loaded up, and about to leave, when the lady who had been hollering about too many express lanes open, started to holler again, and again demanded to see the manager. I couldn't leave YET....this was too much entertainment!!! She was mad because she wanted DEPENDS, and when they are advertised on sale, they never have size small! Boy, was she mad!!! So, I leave at this point. When I bring the cart back, the light is still on at my checkout and the Japanese girl is checking out someone else!!! Well, that was a fun shopping trip!!

So, I get in my car, stop at the 4 way stop and notice across the road, sitting in the shade are 3 OPP motorcycles and a cop car. They are either having a parley in the shade or watching the traffic. Good thing I stopped and waited out my turn! I made the turn, and just about took out a pedestrian who stepped out. But Lucky Linda, missed him and the cops stayed put!!! Yup, it's my lucky day...onward to buy the lotto ticket that's going to make us a multimillionaires!!!

What luck...a parking spot is open!!! I go in and the lineup is a mile long. One woman bought $200 in lotto tickets. One hundred, she used her bank card, the other $100 was bought with change!!! Ohh lordy!! I think I need to pee now and I'm standing with my legs tightly wrapped around one another and squeezing tight!

Well, I got my ticket...two of them, just to be sure!!! So, Lucky Linda's world is going to change forever when they draw my lucky numbers tonight!!! Also, I made it to home and to pee...Luck is still with me!!

And if should leave me tonight, and the fairy dust disappears, then Good Luck to all the rest of you with lotto tickets!!!

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