Thursday, August 7, 2008


Crap!! So much for Lucky Linda

So much for all that luck I felt ! I had one number in that crappy lotto!! I should know better then to put my money into that thing!
I was in the Mall today, looking at things I could have bought and thinking what a great time I could be having with $43 million, but then again, I thought...ahhh, what a whole lot of trouble and time it would be picking out a mansion, and even more of a problem sticking to a theme for decorating it! I'd probably have to buy a warehouse to house all the junk I bought every time, I saw something else that was so very very, very pretty and felt I couldn't do without!!

It's all material stuff anyway, and who needs it? Does it sound like I'm trying to convince myself??....maybe a little!!

I'm happy in my little nest in the sky with my Love Bird with me! What more could one ask for?

So, this morning, I went off with 5 of my chums and we had lunch at Lynn Valley and got caught up on all of summer happenings and what's in store for the near future. I had my camera with me and would you believe....forgot to use it!! We we're just too busy chatting and eating I guess. I had delicious perogies, loaded with onions and sour cream!! Yummmm!!!!

As soon as I finish today's blog, I'm getting dinner ready (leftovers), then I'm meeting a friend down by the water for tonights concert. This Harmony Arts event has been going on all week, and will continue all weekend. We are lucky enough to be able to sit on the balcony and if the wind is blowing our way, we get to hear the music. Some of it is great, and some, I'm glad when the wind blows away from us!! They have live music of some sort going all all day it seems. When I drove by at 11:15 this morning, a band was playing. So, we'll go down and take in whatever is playing tonight. They also have movies on a huge big screen like a drive-in. No mosquitoes here either. I haven't seen one all summer!!

The sun continues to shine here and it's very warm today, so will be great on our lawn chairs, by the ocean and tapping our toes!!

See you tomorrow!!!

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