Tuesday, August 5, 2008



Another beautiful day on the West Coast of Canada!! The day has been lovely and warm, with not a cloud in the sky! How long will it last??

Blogger is working today with pictures, as you can see. Part of the fun of doing this blog is hunting for cute little pictures, otherwise, I may not be doing this!!

Just a normal day for us! We watch 'The View" and then our day begins. I walked a HOT walk to the Mall today to meet Hubby, at the chiropractor. You must think he lives there! Next week, we see the specialist for his epidural of cortisone in his back to hopefully help the pain in his one leg that's been plaguing him for a year or more now. I'm so hoping it will work and our life can return to how it was, with walks and poking around stores and interesting places together.
So, please everyone....PRAY!!

Then we went to our next favourite haunt..The Library!! They have this little court out back, that I love to sit and drink coffee and just enjoy sitting on the ground level with plants around me and trees above me, instead of on the 7Th floor balcony, looking down at the world below!

Have a look! It's peaceful, shady and lovely out here. I pretend it's my garden!!
Leave me alone!! I'm trying to read!!!
Okay, then, I'll shoot this bee!! Can you find it? It wouldn't stay still for me!

Is that ME?? Ohhh my GAWD!!! I wish Tom would learn to take better shots!! Or is it the subject that's very NON- photogenic?
This is a shot I took yesterday. A statue of a little old lady on a park bench, down by Stanley Park. She's looking for something in her purse, but people passing by, usually pick a few flowers and set it in her hand. I think it's so sweet and just love it!
So, that's the blog for today. Now, I have to go make dinner. Potato salad, and chicken fingers.
Bye for now!

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