Saturday, August 2, 2008


My Bad Luck!
What is it with me watching this movie, "The Other Boleyn Girl?" Or I should say NOT watching it!! I read the book and desperately wanted to see the movie, but for one reason or another and many attempts, I just never got to the movie theater to see it. So, then put my request into the Library for the DVD and my name went on hold and I was 2ND in line for weeks upon weeks!! Every time I asked I was still second in line to get it! Finally I began to make a noise about it and all of a sudden I jumped up to first place in line, where I remained for a few more weeks. Last week, I inquired again, and asked how long should it be! They said if it wasn't picked up on the last request, I'd have it this weekend. I got the call, IT WAS IN and FOR ME!!!! So, up we go to get it and home I came to watch it. I was thoroughly engrossed in it, when all of a quit, and of course right at a part where Ann is in deep shit with the king! No matter what I did, it wouldn't start again. I'm certainly not technically inclined, but I think the problem was beyond what I could do, it's a disc problem! Why Me???????????????

So, the TV is back on and a movie just stated and it's called "A Bear Named Winnie", which is about a bear adopted as a mascot in the Army. Cute movie, but I was into lust, sex and betrayal before, and just can't get into a cute bear!! Aghhhhhhhh!!!!! The black cat crossed my path, I'm sure!!

This morning, Tom and I went for my favourite breakfast, "Monty Egg Bennie" at White Spot.
Mmmmm was it ever good!! Then we toured all the display tents of crafts down at Ambleside, and I saw a really nice hat that I wanted, but a woman was trying it on, turning her head this way and that, as she looked at herself in the mirror. I fell in love with the hat and was standing back trying to "will" her to decide against it, so I could grab it for myself. It was the only hat like it! Her friend didn't help my cause, as she was convincing the women with it on her head, how cute it looked on her!

Dang it!!

So, out came her wallet and she bought it. Then I went up to the display, and all the hats are priced at $65.00!!! THEN, I was glad she bought it!!! So, it wasn't an all bad luck moment!!

This is one of the picture's my Cousin Dorothy and roving photographer, took next door to the school where she met up with what looked like drug dealers in the back of the school. This house is where my friend Frances lived, and where I spent all my playing time when I lived in Owen Sound. What great memories and a beautiful house inside. Our house, which is now torn down, was down that little laneway on the left, between Frances house and the school. The lane was much wider then.

The school yard was much different back then and a fence all around the school parimeter. I spent many days, bouncing my red, white and blue rubber ball, off the side of her house seeing who could do it the longest. Remember the little songs we use to play and throw the ball under one leg and catch it, quickly turn around and catch it again. I wish I could remember those little songs we sang and the one's that where the skipping songs.There was a garage behind her house, and we'd dare each other to go upstairs in the garage which was used for storing junk. We we're sure that someone lived up there , or was hiding, so it was a scary game. I can remember the stuff stored up there and even then at a young age, knew they were valuable antiques, just discarded. We never ran into anyone living there but we sure had chills climbing those stairs!!
My father as a young boy, grew up in a beautiful home on Niagara on the Lake and used to tell us of the antiques stored in the attic when he was a child, and when they moved away, they left all that "junk" behind! Somebody gained a fortune when they bought that house. The house still stands and it's still a beautiful huge home.

Well, this didn't interest most people reading this, but that's my blog for this evening.
Happy Trails!
Note: Boy, some of the people in my posting are sure far away!!! First Afganistan and now Bangladesh???? AMAZING!!

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