Friday, August 8, 2008


The opening ceremonies are on TV at the moment, and will be on for some time for this evening, and as I always enjoy watching the ceremonies and some of the games, my blog is going to be short tonight. That's partly true.....the other part of this truth is I had two Fuzzy Navel drinks last night and woke feeling I'd been shot with a bullet through my right temple, and my tummy is feeling very fragile...then I remembered all the summer sausage I ate along with it. Not a great combination, I've decided today. I've been feeling punky all day, so after my walk came home and went to bed, where I slept all day. Now, I'm dealing with grouchiness that comes on strong whenever I afternoon nap! I can now recall what PMS was like!!
Way to go, to Patrick, my nephew who go to rub shoulders and have a long conversation with one of his Motown hero's Smokey Robinson, last night after a concert in Sand Point, Idaho, last night.
Remember all those great songs "Tracks of My Tears, Tears of a Clown, I Second the Emotion, and one of my favourites Cruisin!"
Pat is a popular disc jockey there and loves it when he has the opportunity to meet with the singers of the songs he spins.
Last night, Patricia and I went down to take in the concert at the Harmony Festival, going on until the 10th. We tried a little Salsa dancing then moved on to the concert going on and enjoyed it very much. (pictures tomorrow)

It was a group called Outlaw Social. A five piece band. Their repertoire included powerful and original sounds of traditional music, a few very beautiful and truly inspired gospel music. Great voices and very enjoyable on a beautiful night by the water, with a big half moon in the sky.
WEll, there is just too much to watch on tv and I can't concentrate, so will say goodnight for now. Hope you enjoy the games too!!

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