Saturday, August 9, 2008


When I was a little girl, we used to go and visit with some friends of my parents at a place called The Corran, which was in Wiarton, Ontario. The home, a 17 room mansion, belonged to Alexander McNeil, and it's quite a historical place now. Only, I seem to remember him called Malcolm McNeil, so not sure if he was Alexander's son.

My blog today, I was just going to tell you a story about the huge big rooster that would head right for me and chase me everywhere around a place we often visited as a child, called the Corran, in Wiarton, Ontario. He never bothered chasing anyone but me. But as I started to write you a little story about that miserable rooster (seeing as I have a rooster picture up) it reminded me of those long ago days. So for fun, I then "Googled" "The Corran, Wiarton, Ont" and was very surprised at all the information and pictures and even stories on YouTube, regarding the Corran that is available! Sadly however, all but stone walls are all that's left standing now. But so much is written about it, and to think I was there when it was a very different place in time. There is so much history regarding this place, so if you are interested, just Google it and go have a peek.

I just think it's amazing, that I was actually inside the Corran, had many dinner's there, and remember what it looked like inside, and now it's such a part of history. I think I have one or two pictures of the Corran in it's hay day, so will post them when I go home to Belleville in September and come back with my stash of pictures.

Sally Simmons, who was the housekeeper was a very good friend of my mothers and both from Ireland years before. I can remember it being dark and very cool inside the Corran on a blistering hot day. Antiques filled the house to the brim. I remember Mr. McNeill, a very old man who sat on the porch, probably laughing at this rooster on the chase of a frightened little girl!

Soon as I finish this, I'm going to search the different sites and learn more then I knew or was interested in as a child.

Tom's sister and husband, Isabelle and Ken are coming over this afternoon and we are all going out for dinner. I hope they arrive soon as my eyes are slowly trying to close on me.

The day started out with rain, but it's lovely out there now. The Ambleside celebrations continue until Sunday, so they've been really lucky with the weather for the events. I wish I'd paid more attention to the flyer of events. I missed a whole lot, I would have like to have taken part in.

Well, not much more to tell you about and I'm going to be tired when we get home from dinner, so I'm doing this now! I'll take pictures and show you tomorrow!

Bye for now...Enjoy the weekend

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  1. I would love to know what years you visited the mansion and whether you or your family have any pictures of it?


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