Monday, August 4, 2008


Wow, I must have blown out my computer with those pictures I put on the blog yesterday, or else God is giving me a thump on the head!!!
I don't know if it's the Blogger program I use, or what, but we went out this morning and I left the computer on, as I usually do, and when I returned, I had the dreaded BLUE SCREEN!!!
To put it all in a nutshell, I can't get ANY graphics or pictures to load!!
I also did some trial and error things on the computer this morning and it must have made big errors, if that's the problem, but sometimes Blogger has problems and it's not known until someone reports it.
Not to worry, I'll just tell you about our weekend. First let me tell you what a fabulous, fun filled weekend it was from breakfast on Sat. morning, to touring the Harmony festival, just down the street and seeing all the displays and hearing right from our place all the music and concerts. The festival continues the entire next week as well! Then also the fabulous fireworks display, between Canada, USA and China....Canada won by the way!!
Yesterday, we had a blast at the Gay Pride Parade, that is a must to see at least once! Then, we came home and ate delicious rack of lamb, and new potato's and mmmm was it good!! We felt sun struck and tired after sitting for a few hours in the sun and it was great to crawl between cool, lovely sheets when we finally went to bed. Tom looks like a movie star with his great tan today. I'm as white as ever due to slathering on sunscreen. The sun is my enemy!!
Today was another fun day, going with Bill and Dianne for our monthly lunch at a different restaurant. I love Bill and Dianne and have such a good time with them. They restore my soul in a big way, as the conversations are as much fun as when the gang gathered around either at work breaks, or lunches at Loyalist, which I miss so much! I always hate to say goodbye to Bill and Dianne.
Today, it was Tom's pick of restaurants and he picked a new Irish Pub called Dublin Crossing. What a beautiful pub and it felt just like being in Ireland. Check it out at We are sure returning to that PUB!!!
Do you know that on September 13th, we are half way to St. Patricks Day!!!
Remember that Roxanne, and lets get out the Baileys!!!
It's been a beautiful weekend weather wise as well.
I hope all your weekend was happy and full of fun and sunshine.
Hopefully this will be working tomorrow.
To my's been 17 years that you passed away on this long weekend. You are remembered with love.

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