Sunday, August 3, 2008


Warning: If you arn't prepared to see some naked bodies from todays parade, better just skip this blog! My apologies if offended!
An estimated 500,000 people where at the Gay Pride Parade today in Vancouver. We took the bus down along with our lawn chairs and found a good spot to watch the parade. It was so long....and I mean LONG, that I don't know at what point we decided to call it quits and go home, but it was still going strong when we left, two hours after we arrived. I was thick with sunscreen, but Tom's face is a very rosy brown and looks handsome and healthy! I'm still my white self! But it was getting very hot sitting in the sun and we'd seen enough weird sights for a long time. So, here is a few highlights of the day.

The girl on the back has no top on!!

Could she twirl those things!!

I was kind of partial to these angels!

Indian Pride!!

These can't be real!!!!

Hide your eyes.....NUDE MEN APPROACHING!! (I have a close up of these fellow's too!? Why? I dunno!)

Just having fun!

Lots of pretty colours everywhere!!

Well, that's enough for the blog! It was a fun parade to see, however, one time is enough of me.

But it was cheerful crowd, enjoyed by gays and non gays alike. They also threw colourful beads to the crowd as well as drink samples, razer kits, and gum, and many more little fun things.

Not only was it just the Vancouver Gay community, but from all over British Columbia. The Mayor and notible people in politics and even our Royal Canadian Mounted Police marched. Just a fun day!

I'm tired from sitting in the sun all day and now heading to a nice cool bath. Ambleside also was very crowded it with the craft fair, so it was busy all over BC today.

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  1. My old neighbour May also liked to show off and she has taken part in the Toronto parade!


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