Sunday, August 10, 2008


The weather has cooled off a little and there are some very dark clouds that could be heading our way. It's one of those snoozing type of days, which Tom is taking advantage of now, according to the snores I hear coming down the hall. I guess, I kept him awake most of the night with my snores...."I never knew I snored!

I just came up from our locker downstairs and brought up the big suitcase, and a smaller one. Next week at this time, we'll be on board the cruise ship to Alaska! I've got so much to do this week, I can't even get it straight in my head! Every day is filled with something or other that has to be done, but the prize at the end of the week is worth it. Two wonderful weeks of pampering!

Poor Batman is going to miss us, but we have a cat and house sitter, so it won't be all bad for him. He may have to share a few days with a dog though, which may set him on edge just a little!

Yesterday, Toms sister and husband, Belle and Ken, came over last night and they had been up near Green Lake, where Tom's cottage was and which was sold last year. The new owners demolished it, and a huge new house is being built on the site. However, they found a leftover brick that Tom had built the fireplace with, so they had a plaque engraved with the name "Cliffin" and the date Tom built it to when it was sold. It's a wonderful momento and Tom was thrilled. Very thoughtful idea eh? He loves it!!

That's about all the news from here. I'm heading now to change the bedding set now that Tom is up. I'm tired of looking at the same old thing and need a change of colour.

It's taken me about two hours to write this, as I got interested in a TV show. I'm afraid it's not very good reading!

Those big dark clouds went away, the sun is out, and the Harmony festival continues down by the water. I can hear music and could also hear music coming from down there at 4 am this morning. I should be taking a nap!!

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