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Before we head home, just a few more pictures I wanted to include.

This is a mural in Ketchikan, right beside the pier. I thought it was kind of neat.

This funny looking building was in Skagway was the Arctic Brotherhood Hall, built in 1899 and is now a visitor center. It's constructed of more then 20,000 pieces of driftwood and arranged in basket weave pattern with the date and brotherhood emblem. The AB on top is a pan full of good nuggets.

You've heard that it's cheaper to live on a cruise ship then go into a retirement home? Well this is Mamma Lu, as known by everyone from the Captain to every crew member. She lives on the ship. I heard she has children but had a fallen out with them, and disappeared. They finally found her on one ship and as soon as they did, she switched ships. On Holland America, she has 700 trips racked up to her name! A bit of an eccentric, she walks around and toots her little horn on her walker and I guess crew from time to time give her little animals she totes around in the basket. Quite a character!
Up in the Crow's Nest having our last drink...or two.... See that mug there? I was drinking hot water and lemon!! Honest!!

However, from this picture, you wouldn't know it. This is another crew from the Crow's Nest that remembered us from the Hawaii trip. Another real nice fellow, as all the crew are! I wanted to take them all home with me!Patrick saying goodbye to Joan. Patrick loved to kiss the ladies

Pictures of a few of the most memorable crew in the dining room, that always greeted us with a big smile, remembering our names and just how we liked our food. It's truly amazing!!

Goodbye for now, to cheerful Delores, Boni and to Joan, a most elegant and lovely lady that we just fell in love with and hope to keep in touch with emails for a long time! Thanks for the great times!These two people had us laughing for the first whole week and we love them. Thanks to Linda and Ken (Ken doll) for a great friendship that we know will continue. Thanks also for the lovely gift you surprised us with and had us in stitches. I'm not sure if we should display that or not!!

Lucky, you are the best!! We will always be in touch. We have a special friendship with Lucky and his family now from two cruises now. Good Luck with your promotion! xoxoxoxo

Vic and Bruna, who live here in Vancouver...we'll see you SOON!!! So glad we have met you!!

This is Moses from very far north into Alaska, who kept me company at 5:30 am , while I watched for whales. He told me some funny stories of where he's from over a couple of cups of coffee.

To all the crew on the Zaandam, it was a blast!!!

Beautiful Sunsets as we sail South.

The Celebrity Cruise Ship that followed us home all the way.

The scenery is starting to look more like Vancouver's.

Memories of a great time, and also looking forward to home as Tom looks out over the wide ocean.

We arrived in Vancouver just a dawn, and Tom was excited to see us go under the bridge. He missed it by seconds, being stuck in the john. Those darn prunes!!! We are looking back at the bridge here!

Along comes our following ship!

The Sails or Canada Place where we tie up!!
These two pictures of a woman and dog is the K9 Drug Detections Unit. The dog was sure doing it's job and checking everything out.

Already the Zaandam is loading new supplies onto the ship, which will set sail at 5pm for another trip to Alaska.

Tom and our luggage, waiting for our friend John to pick us up in the confusing port. We finally found one another. We are home!!

It was a wonderful trip. We loved it! I loved my new camera, although, I'm not intelligent enough, to set the dial on the INTELLIGENT AUTOMATIC. The pictures could have been better, but I get excited and forget everything I learned about the camera.

I hope you enjoyed travelling through Alaska with me, and would love if I'd get some comments to let me know if you enjoyed coming along on our trip.

Now to get some work down around here!! Put all my papers away and get ready for my two weeks in Ontario. Let me know if you want a travel log of that!!!


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