Sunday, September 7, 2008


Does everyone out there realize that Saturday, September 13Th is Half-Way to St. Patrick's Day??? If you have strong Irish blood in you like I do, this will be of great importance to you, as we Irish, are known to like to party!! Seeing as I'm coming home to visit my family and if that's not a good enough reason to let my hair down, then celebrating the 1/2 way to St. Pat's Day, most certainly is!!

I'm sitting here where I've sat, practically since being home from Alaska, just playing around....well "working" on my trusty computer and thinking of stories from our trip to entertain you. Meanwhile, I'm wiping my snotty nose, catching the odd sneeze and feeling rather like a sack of potato's...whatever that feels like! But having a cold is no fun thing! They say the cure is rest, so that's what I've been doing, while the mess accumulates all around me. Today, though, I've begun to come around, and actually did some work, and baking for Tom, so that when I'm off laughing and enjoying my family and friends back home, he sits eating cookies and looking after our cat and the ladies cat downstairs from us as well. My poor husband,has to cook his own meals and make his own bed, which isn't fun, especially after getting off a cruise where all we had to do was shove food into our mouths and wile away the time.

Oops, since I started to write this, and remembered the cookies in the oven, they had gone from golden brown and edible to extremely dark and the next thing to being called burnt and just a tad away from inedible!! I better pay better attention to this batch I just put in!!

Last Monday, one day after stepping away from the food line, we went with Dianne and Bill to this really fantastic restaurant called Dublin Crossing. What a wonderful restaurant with delicious mouth watering food, and hearty portions. Visit the site at It's a fun site as well.

It's just like being in Ireland!! What memories! I guess why I'm on this Irish kick, the flyer is on the floor beside me where I dropped it since Monday! I really do need to clean up. So, my blog is short, for good reason. I dare not burn this batch of cookies and I do need to get some work done, or I'll arrive in Belleville with a suitcase of dirty clothes!

Until tomorrow, when I give you my progress of getting ready to fly away on Wed. Will I be ready!!! Ahhhh the excitement and intrigue grows.

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