Friday, September 26, 2008


Unlocking my travel diary for you!
I'm sitting here listening to the Presidential Debate as I write this, so if it doesn't sound right, it's because, my mind is in two places and I've lost the ability to do a couple of things at one time...old age again!! Ask me who is running in the Canadian elections, and yes, I know, but find it all sooooo boring!!! So, I may just add some pictures of what I did in Belleville and St. Catharines without much descriptions.

My son in law, Richard, and my grandsons, Matt and Bradley met for dinner one night, which was enjoyable.
The cute gal in the blue is Erica, Matthews girlfriend. She is so sweet and blushes so easily I liked her instantly!
No explantion needed on who these guys are that we seen. Great show!!!

Was so excited and they kept moving around the stage, that I had my camera on the wrong setting!!! DAMN

Meanwhile, my Grandson Brad, went off to Ottawa, with his very cute girlfriend Kate, to a wedding. What a cute couple eh?

We went over to my wonderful friend Norma's house for a nice visit and she also allowed us to leave TJ, Roxanne's dog, there, while we went shopping. (This isn't Norma's house, that picture didn't turn out!

Above: This is my Granddaughters we kidnapped from school one morning and took them for breakfast, shopping and to my favourite place, Tim Hortons, before we returned them back to school. Erica is in Gr. 9 and Sarah in Gr. 5

Look at that RED hair!!! I wonder where inherited that from!!! She's beautiful now, can you see in in a few years!! Ohhh her poor parents!

Sarah , with dimples you could sink a ship in. I used to sit in school when I was her age, longing for dimples and would sit all day with my two fingers stuck in my cheeks, hoping I'd have dimples!! She's adorable!!! Both are really nice, well mannered young ladies and a joy to be with. I regret not being there to watch and enjoy them growing up.

Well, that's it for Belleville, because, tomorrow, we go to St. Catharines!! Want to join me there? There's going to be a party!!!!!!

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