Saturday, September 27, 2008



This is our destination and where Roxanne lives and where I will spend my last week in Ontario
This is the back of Roxanne's house. I never took a picture of the front, but it's lovely with flowers and big trees.

TJ had to say hello to her friend Irene who lives next door and get her cookie

We went out to visit my brother Mike and my sis in law Wanda at their lovely place and get caught up on more family news of this and that.

Mike and Wanda's home is like a park!! Mike says it's too much work now, and thinking of downsizing. Then Mike took us out to dinner in Ft. Erie, to this fabulous restaurant where they piled enough food on our plates to last a week. We all walked out with "doggie bags" It was delicious!

Then Roxanne and I were invited for dinner at Roxanne's good friends, John and Michelle's place. Wonderful People! Nice picture of Michelle and John, Michelle and Roxanne never stopped with the joking all night. Fun time!!

Pretty Michelle, who is a GREAT cook!!

Roxanne and that hand John, you too Roxie!!

I got loved to death by two dogs!

Roxanne making hamburgers for the party! We had to take turns mixing in the ingredience, the hamburger was so cold, our hands would ache! They turned out delicious!

The party stash was starting to grow! This was the beginning and at the end, the floor was nearly covered, and every spare counter and table space had food on it, ready for the partyThe guests have arrived and the party in full swing!

Stopping to shuck some corn.Only SOME of the food!! All delicious!!!

Jane and I singing along with Roy Orbinson and trying to reach those high notes!!

Well, that's it for today, I have to save the rest for tomorrow.

See you then!!

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