Thursday, September 25, 2008



I'm home!!! How sweet it is!! Don't get me wrong, I had a delightful time in Ontario and did a zillion fun things! But vacationing is very hard work, just being out of your own comfort zone and away from the familiar is always a touch stressfull, and it's just good to be home again. Especially, when someone you love is missing you and wanting you back ASAP!!

Picture taken shortly after take-off. Beautiful snow capped mountains and I flew the friendly skies with WestJet.

Roxanne and TJ picked me up at the Toronto airport and within five minutes we we're giggling and laughing hysterically as we made our way to Belleville and to my daughters new home where we were staying.

It's a beautiful home, inside and out!

Mike and Lisa

My grandson Brad, played us some tunes he wrote. He's fabulous!!!! Cute too!!

Lisa, Roxanne and the other person I don't know, had a few drinks, got silly, laughed lots and did some family bonding!! We are all nuts!!
Next day we went to visit with my other daughter Erin, hubby Peter and granddaughters Erica and Sarah

Watched the kids on the trampoline and even tried it myself!! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch...sorry no pictures, but you could bribe Roxanne for a video of it, which is absolutely those watching!!
Went out for dinner, ate too much and laughed often! Some friends and I met for lunch. Lynn, Lisa, Maryanne, Marilyn,Norma, John and Clare

And this was only day THREE! More to tell you about tomorrow with some great pictures. I can't write anymore right now, as I've got much to do, just being home and a husband that needs some attention too, with my nose out of this computer screen. I have to save myself for SURVIVOR tonight also!! Last chance for those who want in the Survivor pool. Email me before the 2nd show with your pick for winner of Survivor along with $5.00 If really interested, email me right away, and I'll send you the rules and stuff.



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