Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, my last blog was full of the fun times I had in Ontario with friends and family. This is a little different.

I'm home a few days, the mail sits unopened on the table until I get myself organized and get around to opening it. Actually, Tom opened the Visa bill and came out and never said a word to me, just handed it to me. I nearly flipped out at the amount!!

Some smart asshole, stole our credit card numbers from our Visa, and must have made a new card from the numbers. All the activity started in Toronto, the day before I arrived there and continued for a few days after I got home.

Who ever the scourge on society was, he/she/they, certainly had a good time. They must be driving quite a bit, with a huge car, because about five fill-ups at different gas stations all in the $70-$95 range, all in Toronto. There was a trip to the movies for nearly $70.00....must have ate everything in the concession booth! Then, they must have invited all their friends out for dinner on different nights to various large amounts. Parked in many parking garages and just made Shoppers Drug Mt, quite a bit richer with a huge purchase there!

We called Visa right away and stopped all purchases on the card, on Friday night, so you can bet, whoever the creep or creeps are, has moved on to someone else's card by now!!
Visa, say's there are just so many ways these crooks can get your card numbers now, it's almost impossible to stop it. Thank goodness we have insurance on our card as this is the second time it's happened to us!! The first time, these horrible people, used our numbers to shop at Staples and bought a load of electronic equipment, to the tune of over $2,000. This time we we're hit with almost $1,000!
There is really no answer on how to prevent it from happening. These thieves are smart and have so many different ways to get the numbers. Visa, said next year they are putting out Visa cards that will require a pin number to prevent theft, but I can't see even that happening, as how many times does Interact theft happen? American Express, apparently puts your picture on your card, so even that would help. I remember reading as a child and even recently where they the government was considering embedding a chip under the skin to use as identification. I have no problem with this at all, as I'm not a thief, or have anything to hide. Except, maybe the crooks may carry a cleaver to hack of your hand to get your information!
It's just so damn maddening to be violated this way. To think there are people out there, preying all the time on whoever they can. Do they not have any conscience at all? The old saying goes "What goes around, comes around." I just hope it comes back on whoever they are, worse then they could ever imagine it could be!

On a more cheery note, Tom and I went to Granville Island today.Gosh, it's fun going there. It's like going to a festival, with all the music, the food and scenery. Here's a few pictures!!

Lots of great music to listen to

Great Food To Eat...Tom had a beef stew pie,and I had a chicken one! Delicous!

What a wonderful way to spend a spectacular Fall day!

Water Taxi, taking people to the other side of the water. What fun!

Tom, people watching!

Tom and his feathered friends.

Our West Coast trees are beginning to change.

So, ends another day in Vancouver.

I still haven't picked out my Survivor picks for the pool. With the economy going down, down, down, I better pick wisely!! It may be the only money left!!

Bye for now!

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