Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, it's winding down to the end of my trip to Ontario, so here's the last posting on a fun time.

I think this is where the party ended for me. After this, I went to bed. Only had about 2 glasses of weak Spomonti Bambino sparkling white stuff, I wine, it's called!! But, I was tired and worn out, so left while the party was in full gear, and crashed. When I woke in the morning, I was sure I was going to wake up to an awful clean up job outside, and when I opened the door (everyone was still sleeping), this is what I found!

Everything was cleaned up, no sign of a party the night before, the dishes where all done, and learned later, that Roxanne stayed up by herself after everyone left and did a huge clean-up job!! Amazing!! How guilty I felt!Auntie Irene came to pick me up, as Kass and Roxanne needed some alone time and they went to the wine festival, so Irene treated me to go out for breakfast. Then we went to her place and went through old pictures, that later in the week, Roxanne, Irene and myself, made Walmart rich, while we copied old prints. Then the next day, Roxanne and I went and did some more!! I'll show them on here soon.

Then we went to Irene's granddaughter 2nd birthday party where I got to see lots of cousins, I wouldn't have seen otherwise, so it was a great time. Isn't she cute!!!
Ohhhh Boy....Presents!!!

Daddy Sean and the birthday girl!!
All the little cousins and one brother!

Linda with her two Aunties, Irene and Colleen who alway's make me feel so welcome and loved!
The next day, Mike, my brother and my Sister-in Law, came over to say goodbye, before I left the following day.

Mike and TJ, who loves living in Ontaro and loves his new mom and has forgotten all about his old mom!!

On the plane heading home to Vancouver....goodbye, all those I love in Ontario!

The picture of the clouds and ground, previous to this one, show's exactly where I was flying over.

Touch down in Vancouver. I was on the wrong side of the plane to get the good scenery. It's so good to be HOME!

Tom was there to meet me with a big tight hug, a kiss and a beautiful red rose! A great greeting!

Thanks to family, friends and new friends who made this a great holiday!!

This ends my ventures in Ontario, and tomorrow stay tuned for the Visa Credit Card theft that happened to us!! Not pretty!!!

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