Monday, September 8, 2008


What do our little feline friends do when left alone? I worry about that! Do they sleep all day, climb all over the furniture, think of ways to get revenge, by throwing up hair balls all over the white rug, which is much more effective if he's eaten some wet cat food first. It makes a much nice stain!

I know my cat takes out all his toys and has them scattered all across the floor, however, I'm sure it's the catnip I put in his stuffed toys that leave him in a stoned stage all day. Anything as long as he's happy!

He spends much of his time grooming himself, that's for sure!! He leaves much proof of having been on my good bed spread, and I think he grooms in that spot on purpose! Another little revenge!!

Who know's what they do, but it tears my heart out everytime I have to leave my cat alone for days. Of course, he has someone come in and feed, water and clean up his litter box.
At the moment, we happen to be babysitting the ladies cat downstairs who has gone away for a much needed holiday, and when I go up, this sweet, very lonely ball of fluff, greets me at the door with the most pathetic, sad sounding, soft little meow. I can see his look of disappointment when he see's it's not his mom, it's only that lady again that feeds me then leaves me again.

I hold him and stroke his soft fur, and he rubs his little head against me, as if to say "please don't leave me". Once he's been fed, watered and has his needs met, I can barely bring myself to leave him, as he seems to plead with me with his soft little sad voice.

Then I come back upstairs to our own place and before I open the door, I can hear my cat, actually howling and crying because I've gone. We just came back after being away for 14 days, so he's petrified I'm going to leave him again.
And I am!! I'm leaving on Wednesday for two weeks in Ontario. Seeing suitcases out and getting packed, he begins following me everywhere and me tripping over him every time I turn around. Thank goodness my husband will be here, so I'm sure when I return, I will no longer be his favourite person any longer.

I brought my cat up there to see if the two of them would get along. My cat is a possesive little bully, and hissed and put his back way up in the air! I should have known!! The other little cat, just lost his mate a few months ago and was quite happy to see my cat, until mine scared him so bad, he hid behind a chair.

That ended that!!\Well, there's not much we can do, we all have life's to lead. So, I leave the radio on his favourite station, leave a light on, hope his sitter gives him some loving attention and hope he's not too angry with us when we return.

Not an interesting blog tonight, but I'm outta energy with washing, ironing, packing and doing all the things you already know about to get ready to go away and try to pack as light as I can!! Damn airline regulations!!

One more blog and then I'm gonzo!!

Sleep tight!!

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