Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If you were to be walking along a stony little path like this little lad above and a beautiful, magical fairy( the one above....not the other kind....) appeared out of nowhere, what would you do?
Would you stand and engage in conversation like the pair above, or would you think maybe the mushroom you had in your salad at lunch was the wrong edible kind? Why am I asking this? Because I don't have squat to talk about on this blog today and I still don't feel quite myself either. I'm still fighting this bug I have, and feeling very tired.

But I think the picture is really cute and I'd been saving it for a blog on wishes and dreams, but I do have a wish and a dream now, so using the picture anyway.....My wish, is to get some energy and feel better!!!!! That's a feeble one for the moment, but if I felt better, I'd come up with some dandy's!!

Anyway, I do hope a little mystical, magic fairy does appear for you and grants that all your wishes come true. As for me...I'm outta here!!!

PS.for a Irene's comment on here. FUNNY!!

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