Thursday, October 2, 2008


This morning, came very early for me today with the rattling, noisy sound going on and on it seemed right outside our window. I noticed this sound last night while soaking and trying to read in the bathtub. The sound was so annoying, I called Tom to come and see if there was a loud truck running outside. Tom has trouble hearing, so didn't notice the sound, but heard it faintly. No truck was out there! It kept me awake most of the night, until, I couldn't stand it anymore and went and stood on the balcony trying to trace where the sound was. I thought it was the school across the road with maybe the air conditioning running. Went back to bed, and it was driving me insane, so got up, threw on my robe over my nightgown and went down on the elevator and out onto the street at 2:30 am! I didn't expect to see anyone, but did locate the sound. It's a mushroom looking fan that sits, nearly under our window, that is used to send cool air into the parking area below the building. Either the fan is wore out, the bearings need some grease or something!! Of course it seems a hundred times more louder in quiet of the night and the early morning hours. I called the building supervisor first thing this morning and she's looking into the sound for me.

So, I stayed up, with a cup of hot milk and the book I'm reading, and read well into the early morning hours. Batman, just can't stand life out of order, and knew I should be in bed, so he hounded me constantly, until I gave in and went off to bed, with him settling right down, with a big sigh, in his cat bed, beside me.

I slept a little, but woke in about an hour, tired and grouchy (even more so then that blue monster I showed you the other day.)

So, up and made a simple breakfast, and before I even finished it, I returned to bed. Great rainy, dark day for sleeping!! Got about two hours of sleep, got up and put together a stew. I still haven't gotten dressed!!

It's one of those type of lazy days where the less I do the better. I just remembered as I wrote this, the ton of ironing I have to do!! YUK!! Tomorrow is another day!

Election night!!! Survivor night!!

What election will us Canadians watch this evening? The Canada elections or the vice-president debate between Bidan and Palin? I bet anything it will be the American debate! That's what we'll be watching. The Canadian one is soooo dry and boring!!!! I will vote though!!

Survivor....I hope it won't be pre empted by the Canadian Elections!! I'll really turn into that blue monster! Nah, I'll just take my book and head to bed.
Whatever, you are doing tonight, ENJOY!!
See you tomorrow!

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