Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today, I did a brave thing! I had a colonoscopy, something I have been putting off for some time now but because my brother had colon cancer, it was something niggling at my mind to go get checked.

Yesterday, I started drinking the preparation for the procedure at 8am. It comes in a BIG jug and called Golytlye. It taste like sea water and the whole jug has to be finished before the end of the day. So, I started to drink, and gag, and finally found it easier to take a few large gulps and then a mouthful of Gatoraid, to take the salt water taste away. After the first 3-4 large glasses, I thought it wasn't going to work. By my 5 and 6th drink, I'm telling you, the dam burst and at the slightest urge, you better get to the bathroom at the speed of lightning, or you won't make it!! This continued for hours!

The jug, seem to reproduce itself in the fridge and I thought I'd never get it down, but with a big cheer, it was finished about 6 pm. I was starting to worry as we had one roll of toilet paper left!!

The procedure was at 1:45 today. Before I left for the hospital, I was down 7 pounds. We left today a little earlier then we had to be there, and they took me very soon after I arrived. The IV went in smoothly, and then was taken into the operating room, was all wired up and ready to go. The doctor did an extra procedure called a gastricscope to check things in my esophogus that sometimes causes me problems.....long story, but all was okay there as well, as the other end, but the doctor will explain more when I see him after our trip.

Funny thing was though, they injected the stuff into my IV to put me out, but I wouldn't check out. So they gave me another dose, and they kept asking if I could feel it taking affect. Nope...I was chattering away and joking with the doctor. He gave me another big dose of the stuff that was to knock me out but still it didn't work. He couldn't believe it!!! He said I had enough in me to put all three in the room out cold! So....he did the procedure anyway!! It hurt!! The one down my throat was very uncomfortable, and the colonoscopy wasn't any more pleasant, but it was over quickly and done with quite a lot of humor with this fun doctor, that had me laughing.

So, I had to lay for half an hour in the recovery room, and still I'm wide awake. The doctor came to check on me later and couldn't believe, I hadn't dropped off instead of talking to the nurses. He said I'm one of a kind!!
And I am!!! In a nice way I hope everyone agree's to that!!
Tom and I had a bite to eat after, and then home, was just about to nod off in the chair, when my daugher Erin called.
So, the dreaded two days is now over! Now to get back to the other challenge in my life....getting the suitcases closed!!
Tomorrow is another day, and another day closer before we are off on a great adventure!!
I'll keep you posted!!

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