Friday, December 12, 2008


Merry Christmas!


This will be my last post until we return from holiday.

I'm up to my ears in clothes all over the place, ironing board in the middle of the room and suitcase groaning from being overstuffed.
Why I have the need to bring everything I can think of, I don't know, except, I like to be prepared for anything and everything that can happen!

We've had this trip planned for months now and it's finally here. I've been checking every day what the weather is at the Horn of South America, and it's holding sunny and nice, and I worry, it's just waiting for us to round it, before it unleashes it's fury!! Ah Ha!!! But, I'm prepared, with sea sick patches, sea sick pills, sea sick wrist bands, and whole lot of prayer!!

I'm exhausted with packing and I've lost track of just what is in the suitcases. Then I open a drawer and see another top, that I really should bring, but that top, needs the slacks that match and the slacks need the right shoes!!

I've hashed and rehashed in my mind, what jacket to bring. The weather there, looks about the same temperature as here, and if it gets colder what the heck, I'm from Northern Ontario and I'm used to a wee bit of frosty cold. So, instead of my coat, I wore in Belleville, maybe I'll bring my lighter rain jacket and just layer my clothing. Oh Lord, help, me make up my mind, I'm starting to lose it!!
Actually, that bulging suitcase has decided for's the lighter rain jacket. After all, we can always pop inside for warmth!!

I am looking forward to seeing the Falkland Island. I've seen pictures and have read some articles written by a woman who lives down there and she's given out some wonderful tips to see the penguin's without having to take a costly excursion that the ship offers.

So, we are off, with many kind greetings to have a wonderful trip, and we appreciate every one's kind words. We too hope it's a fun trip!

To everyone reading this, Tom and I wish you a Very Merry and Joyous Christmas.
It's been fun doing this blog since last January, and even though, I've skipped a few days lately, it's because of the season, the weather and laziness on my part. But thanks for being faithful readers and sticking with it. Also, I know the counter is way out of whack. I don't know what happened to it, but woke one day and thought WOW....many people have been in. Lots have, but not that many!! I'll figure out how to reset it to the correct amount after Christmas. I figure from the site I use, it should be near and around 2,000.

Keep making it grow with thanks!!

See you in 2009 with loads of pictures and stories of our adventures!

Love to everyone and again from Tom and I, we wish you a very Merry Christmas

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