Thursday, February 19, 2009



Tom goes to a wonderful Chinese lady, who is a registered doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, who has helped him with a long ago, painful shoulder that he broke. He’s lived with pain for years, and only has so much mobility in his arm. He’s gone to a chiropractor and it helped some, but finds much more relief and improved range of movement with the acupuncture. He goes at least once a week, and I even tried it one time with a sore knee and really haven’t had any problems since!

We love this little Chinese lady with her friendly ways and the most wonderful little giggle when Tom teases her.


Her name is Dr. Jing Zhang, and for the longest time, we could never remember her name, so between ourselves we fondly called her the “Gilly-Gilly” lady. We don’t know where or how we came up with the name, but it seem to stick. She tells Tom stories about her life in China and how she was pulled from school at the age of 12 and made to work on a farm. She told Tom more about herself, but I’m only getting it second hand, so can’t really tell you more, in case I got the story wrong …..especially with my mind becoming so feeble lately!! But, she’s interesting, doesn’t speak English really well, but we think she’s a special lady in how she became a 30 year, BC Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Registered Acupuncturist. It would be wonderful to sit down with a cup of tea with her one day and hear her story and her life. The name of her clinic is called Yong Sheng Chinese Clinic. Not only is she very professional, very good at what she does, but a wonderful lady. I sometimes wait for Tom in the car, as her clinic is usually very busy but pop in to say hello before we leave. Isn’t she cute!! We think she’s the greatest!!

Then we went to Brentwood Mall and had lunch, then I did a little browse in Sears, but it’s in between seasons and nothing I saw interested me, except a purse for $45.00. I’ve never paid that much for a purse before, so, slipped away before tempted further.


As we walked through Brentwood Mall, I passed this hair dressing shop for KIDS! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing….my goodness, what they don’t think of to keep the young ones occupied and sitting still, while the locks are cut off. Motorcycles, cars and TV’s with kid’s programs!! Wow!!! My hairdresser, only has a cape that goes over you that has a woman’s naked body with perky boobs, and your own head sticking out the top! It’s quite a sight and I wish they could make not only my hair over, but the whole body to look like that! I feel sooo Good looking back at myself in the mirror, and then, they take away the cape and the illusion is GONE….so disappointing!!!

Tonight my favourite show is on TV


Tom and I are in a fun pool and I’m cheering for Joe and Tyson. Tom has his money on Jerry and Debra. The pot has gone up to $250.00, depending on who is wanting to play and throw $5.00 into the pot. We have wonderful people running the pool, who sends us fun updates with comments from the pool players, that are fun to read. I won a few seasons back and thought I had a strategy for choosing the winner, but that was quickly extinguished with following show’s when my picks only lasted a short while. Now, I more or less just take someone cute! Notice I have two guys!! Wish me luck!! Ontario, won the last pot but shared with the BC pool runner!! Great fun!!

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