Wednesday, February 18, 2009


writing a book

Last week, Tom and I happened to be in the West Vancouver Library, (our hangout) and were enjoying a cup of fresh made coffee. Across from us, sat a lady, who commented on how good our coffee smelled. We began talking about other things and throughout our conversation, found we had interests in common! She is from Picton, Ontario, which is only about 3/4 of an hour away from Belleville, Ontario, where I lived and worked from 1975-2005 We have people we both know, some of the same interests, and just enjoyed each other’s conversation. We exchanged phone numbers and she called me the following Saturday to invite me to join her and some other friends for tea…..high tea, no less!! However, Tom and I had prior plans, so had to put it off for another time

Yesterday, an e-mail arrived, that she was going to call and true to her word, she called this morning and we decided, we’d meet over coffee at Starbucks. I think I found a new friend!! Conversation flowed freely and I hated to leave, but Tom was waiting for me and I’m sure she had other things to do as well.

Her name is Elizabeth Blakely, and I knew that she was a published author from our talk at the Library. Today, she brought 3 of her books to show me.



She is certainly into varied topics and all of her books are very different. Her book, “The Original The incredible Potato” full of healthy cooking with a comprehensive knowledge of nutrition is quite interesting, with delicious, yet simple recipes. As I flip through the book, I ….who hate to cook, feels like cooking!! I find there are so many different types of potato’s on the market now, that, I’m lost as to which kind is best for certain types of cooking. This book solves my problems!! She wrote this book under a different pen name as shown below.


Her next book (I’m not sure in which order she wrote them), is called (Garbage and Flowers.. My Year’s Sojourn in the Holy Land) which as on the cover says, Chronicles of the Mind and Emotions. Multi-dimensional Journeys and a Travelogue. It’s a thick book and I love stories of other places, so anxious to start reading of her adventures.

Her last book for the moment is called “Wake” A Spiritual Primer.

I can’t tell you much about this last book, as I don’t have it here, just the other two, one I bought, one she gave me as a lovely gift.

So, if anyone out there would like to contact Elizabeth, her website is:

She’s a busy lady these days as she just moved from Ontario to West Vancouver, found herself an apartment and is moving in March 1st. This Friday, she writes her Real Estate exam, which I wish her luck with.

So, I hope it’s the beginning of a great friendship!

Well, that’s my blog tonight, I keep getting a huge cramp down my left leg which feels like a monstrous knot, on the back of my lower leg….OUCH…I need to walk and not sit!! So with that…have a good night!!!leg%20cramps While I scream in pain!!!!

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