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Another beautiful day in West Vancouver. The sun is shining, and it’s lovely and warm.

We began our day by baring our naked chests to a stranger!! Not what you think! Just part of our yearly physical to have a chest-X-ray. Then we went off to buy a birthday gift for Tom’s daughter Meredith.  From there we went to a lovely little Thai Restaurant in North Vancouver called Sweet Basil, which was really delicious and lunch was only $6.50 each. Boy, expand the taste buds a little and you find a whole pile of delicious different ethnic food that open up a whole new world!! Before moving to Vancouver from Ontario, I’d NEVER have even thought of trying these foods of other cultures. Now, I’m hooked!

Then after we got home, I remembered I had to go to the bank, so off I went, grabbing my camera to take with me. First I went down to the end of the street, by the beach, which is pretty deserted this time of the year.


P1040525 P1040528 P1040530

I watched these people getting out of their small sail boat and I think the lady got a wet foot!! Nothing much this time of the year except old logs that the sea brought in.P1040531

This fellow was painting a picture, as a big ship sailed into Vancouver from who knows where. Every now and then I try to spot the name and number on the ship when it’s heading out to sea.  I found  a website where I can follow the ship and see in what part of the world it heads to deliver its cargo. It’s fun to see where they are heading.

I kept on walking and came to The Ferry Building with this sign outside, so I went in to have a look. I met an old friend, Ruth, who made the “Fowl Play” apron, and had a little chat, and then met a new friend who was interested in how to blog, so we chatted awhile, and I hope she takes me up on my offer to help her get into blogging.


Here’s some of the fun aprons on display. This is artistic work!! All are very different, very “out there!”


P1040536 P1040538


P1040540 P1040539 P1040543 The one below, is made of tin…very different and I would think for a welder!  The one on the left is made out of beads and very pretty up close. I like the “workman's” apron with the tools and a clock. Good way to keep track of the time you spent working! What looks like a curtain is also a apron.

P1040541 P1040546 P1040547

P1040552 P1040550 P1040557   

Very different art! Then I came out of the Ferry Building, and was taking pictures of the flowers when Rose, who lives in this building was going for a walk, so I joined her for a little ways, and then went and got some fruit for our morning Smoothies, and came home!

P1040559P1040561P1040563Spring is on it’s way and plants and flowers are beginning to peep out of the earth. I love Spring here in West Vancouver. In another month the whole area will be transformed with colour!

P1040560 Along came Rose! Take a look at this tree, I came across!! Look at how the main tree’s big branches are twisting and turning P1040562 around and around. I’ll have to keep watching this tree once it blooms and see what it looks like.


I couldn’t help taking this picture of this little Maltese dog, who looks like Roxanne’s TJ. A woman carries her in a sling around her neck. The dog looks so comfortable!

And that was my day today! I promised Rose I’d start walking with her everyday at 3pm. She walks 7 km a day and she looks fantastic and has lost 60 pounds, and also had a hip replacement 2 years ago. When I first came here, I walked that distance every day and easily too,  but I let it go and go some more, until I ended up with no energy at all. I need to get that back! Being 65 years old will NOT defeat me!!  Give me encouragement readers!! I need that or a good kick in the rump to get me moving!

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