Thursday, February 5, 2009


lost for words

 Can you believe, that I’m lost for words! I can’t think of anything interesting to tell you about our day.

I was really tired getting up this morning, and I guess, I can blame it on reading too long into the night.

I did some laundry, that is still sitting in the washing machine. This getting older tends to have  me into one thing, interested in another, or lost in something else! I can’t seem to stick to one thing through to the end!

We went to pick up a Christmas tree that the building bought, but had no way to get delivered here, other then pay the $65.00 Sears wanted to deliver it, which seemed crazy, as the tree was less in price then the delivery! We just happened to have the right size vehicle to get it here.

We stopped for our usual visit to Tim Horton’s and then picked up some fruit for our smoothies for breakfast. We seem into fruit drinks for the moment, and they are delicious and cold and great to sit and sip on while watching “The View”.

Then a quick stop into Wal-Mart for those Mr.. Clean scrubbies for taking marks off the wall, that I messed up by swinging around suitcases!

Then home, watched Oprah,and now, going to finish doing that laundry!

Interesting blog eh! I’ve lost my creative touch, and thinking of giving up the blog. What to do, what to do??? That is the question!!

Okay, back to the washing machine!!!


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