Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today, we went to the “Gilly-Gilly” lady, our name for the Acupuncturist that Tom goes for his long ago shoulder injury, that I mentioned in another blog. She’s a sweet lady and really knows her stuff and Tom feels it’s really helping him. She gave him this brace/holster type of garment to wear to hold his shoulder back, which gives him relief, and helps to hold himself straighter. He looks like a hit man when his coat flaps back to reveal what could be a gun holster!!!

After that, we went to Metrotown, Vancouver’s largest shopping center with 500 stores and 22 movie theaters. I enjoy going once in awhile, although, find it more overwhelming then anything. Many of the stores are geared to younger people and most are in the size 6 or so size, which leaves me out in the cold!! I went into Sears, which had winter clothes on sale, but I just don’t need them, have no room to put them, and as it was a beautiful day, we only needed a sweater for warmth, I decided, I’d wait until the Spring clothes arrives and then see if I need them and can afford them. Good Lord, I’ve changed!! I used to be a real shopper that when set loose in a mall, felt like heaven! Now, it’s just a quick look here and there, and I’m ready to go home!!

While there, we went to T &T grocery store, a huge big place with nothing but Chinese food. Some delicious looking, however most not to my taste! One thing I find fascinating is the meat counter. Chicken feet and other Chinese delicacies, that are only delicacies only if you are Chinese!!

They have the prettiest looking decorated cakes that are works of art!

Tom and I bought our lunch to take home, some avocado sushi, some sliced, cooked pork and some egg bread and some noodles that Tom loves. So, what’s for dinner tonight…..you guessed it…left-overs!!

Tomorrow, I’m getting a MUCH needed perm!! I can hardly wait!!! This is a new place, just 1/2 block away, so hopefully, it comes out the way I like!

Then we are changing to an different ethnic food, we are going for Indian food with Doug, our friend who is coming over from White Rock.

Well, this is a pretty pathetic boring blog, but I’m into this good book and just can’t wait to get back into it.


Maybe tomorrow will bring better blogging!

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