Thursday, March 12, 2009


cat with mouse on it's nose

Woke up this morning with absolutely no energy! Gone! Zip! Is it the dieting and burning off the fat that has me feeling like I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open?

We had our diet breakfast, a mushroom and onion and cheese omelet for breakfast, then Tom sat and worked on my computer tying to fix it, but there are still some bugs in it yet.

Then lunch of a spinach salad and salmon and Jell-O for dessert.

Then I sat around waiting for Tom who said he was going for a walk with me, but instead he ended up on the couch for a long snooze while I waited!!! So, here it is almost dinner time and we haven’t done a darn thing all day!

So, nothing to tell you about, so I’ll just show you a few pictures of this and that!

832368100703_0_ALB[1] Kass, Brad, Lisa

Above is my sister’s boyfriend Kass, in the middle is Brad and Lisa.

These two cuties are my grandson Brad, and my daughter Lisa! I love this picture and I love Brad’s shorter haircut!

Look close at the picture below and see if you can find 3 dogs!

Bailey, TJ and dog

The big one in the middle is Bailey, the one above him…that little white dot, snuggled in the red, is TJ, my sister’s dog, the little black and white one, I have forgotten his name, but he’s a new addition to my daughters household. So, cute sleeping together.dogs on the bed


What a handsome fellow!!

Lisa and Erin as babies

This is Lisa and her baby sister when they were my babies!

Below is my very much missed cat Batman

Batman sharpened

Our wedding picture

WEdding picture1-2


Tom having fun with his Great-Grandson, Byron.

Copy (10) of 901979333603_0_BG

My Sister Roxanne (Sam) in her classic pose!

bear walking away signifying THE END

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