Friday, March 20, 2009



I have perfected the art of doing nothing, zip, nada! Today I practiced this perfection to a “T”.

Today for me, has been a total waste of time. I threw away a perfectly good day, when at my age, one can’t afford to throw days away!

I got up this morning at 8am still feeling very tired, and had a hard time opening my eyes, but felt guilty being a lay-about!

I made a nice breakfast through half-closed eyes and in a miserable, grouchy mood, feeling like the day looked outside…miserable, dull and raining again.

After finding out Tom didn’t want to do anything, I inwardly cheered and promptly went back to bed and slept for another few hours.

Now, when I do that…I tend to wake up, sort of groggy and twice as lazy, so I’m sitting here at almost dinner time, in my nightgown and robe and slippers.

What the heck, I woke up miserable, may as well go to bed miserable and hopefully through the night, my brain and mood will change and I’ll wake up with a smile and hopefully a whole lot more energy.

But HEY!! Now the sun is shining, it’s beautiful out, and even my mood is lifting! I think I’ll go make a diet pudding for our dessert for supper. I think I’m sugar deprived!

Diet is going well, 10 whole pound off now, and going strong, but soooooo far to go!!

Well, back to doing nothing! Other than making dinner, my work today is complete!

We all need these days now and then, don’t you agree?




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