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Note: I just found out, that clicking on a small photo brings it up larger!!! I've changed how I do my blog, writing it in Window's Live and it automatically posts to Blogger, so you can notice how the format and other things, like this collage, with background colour are extra things I can do that I'm still discovering. Clicking on this collage however will not open the picture's larger, just the small picture that I post.  Birdhouses-1

Yesterday, a sunny, yet cool day, Tom and I went for a drive over to the North Vancouver dog park, directly across from “The Sails” or “Canada Place” in Vancouver, which is where the cruise ships come into. They don’t start arriving until May of each year , which then begins  a steady trail back and forth, cruising their passengers to wonderful vacations in foreign places.


I was facing directly into the sun when I took this picture, and wasn’t even sure I had “The Sails” in view, but luckily, there it was when I downloaded the pictures from the camera this morning.

Along the dog walk, besides every breed of dog you can imagine, all enjoying a run, chasing balls, and just visiting so friendly with each of the other dogs, which never ceases to amaze me at how, when off their lease, and with other dogs, they seem to know it’s their time! It’s their playground, and also their social time. It’s just so much fun for them and joy to watch such happiness in their freedom.

But, also along the walk, are these birdhouses, on nearly every post you come across. Some made out of old computer’s, some are clowns, and some I don’t know what they are suppose to be but they house birds! Then of course there is the regular bird nest up in a tree, made out of sticks and bits of this and that. THEN I included a picture of the tree beside our bedroom window of the @%&&X* big crows or starlings that land there every morning, just past dawn, that CAW and fight with one another and are so noisy, that if I had a shotgun and a good aim…….

Last week, I tried to take a picture of 8 of them at once on the same tree, but soon as I when to shoot….the camera that is…I only got 6 of the miserable little critters!! They don’t get my morning off to a great start!!


ThP1040906ere are 5 birds on the tree on this picture!! All cawing and making my life miserable!

Trying in my attempt to be creative an get a picture with the snow on the mountains with the Canadian flag in the background.

There where some little buds on that tree, but they didn’t show up.

Vancouver is a few  weeks behind with Mother Nature getting into action around here. I looked at some photo’s taken last Feb.08 and we are no where near with the flowers springing up and the cherry blossoms blooming. 


Tom sitting out of the cool wind, enjoying looking at the water, while I did my picture taking. He has so much patience!!

There has been much interest in all of our trips, and this morning, I realized that I hadn’t started to blog, when we did the Panama Canal trip, so, maybe this afternoon or tomorrow, I’ll dig out my diary and disc of that trip and show how wonderful it was. Lot’s to tell you about and wonderful pictures, so come back and travel along with me on a cruise through the Panama Canal which we took in 2006 of 07…not sure now.

We’ve been asked by some friends we met on our last cruise to Antarctica if we’d join them on a trip through Asia this Christmas. I think we may pass on this one. It’s the flights before the cruise that gets us!!

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