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snakes in love Why did I pick a topic on snakes?? Beats me, the picture was cute! I had a really neat WMV to show you, but I’ve tried for a few hours to get it to work on the blog and I just can’t figure this out. Back to the drawing board, I guess! I think I have to add some HTML code and that mystifies me!!

However, on the topic of snakes, which I’m sure everyone out there is really interested in, I can tell you a story of what happened to my daughter a few years ago, which involves those slithery creatures, so if you don’t want to read this, click off, but not before you say hello on the guest book page!

cute snake1

Once upon a time, a few years ago (this can be your bedtime story), my daughter decided to enjoy one of the warmest days of Spring and go for a walk with the dog, down the road and down to the creek, looking for pussy-willow’s.

She got down the hill to the creek, not noticing anything, her eyes on the horizon, I suppose. At the bottom, she turned around and the whole hill was moving. She and the dog had stirred up a nest full of garden snakes. She had no choice but to go back up the hill through the snakes!! The dog was even scared. I think of going up that hill and shiver!!

snake den

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Once upon a time, my sister and I had a few days at my daughter Lisa’s cottage at Lake Scootamatta in Ontario. Every morning, we’d take our coffee down to where the morning sun was giving us the most warmth. Early in the week, we spotted a garden snake, or maybe a water snake, which also crawled up onto a rock to get warm. I hate the darn things, but my sisters love for saving creatures big and small, wouldn’t let me smash it with a rock, so I could sit down there without fear. So I let it live, but never took my eyes off the horrible thing, in case it moved, I'd move faster in the other direction!


On the weekend, my daughter Lisa and her dog Sassy, came up to the cottage, so as usual, down we went to the same spot in the sun in our p.j.’s to enjoy our coffee. Roxanne was still getting out of bed. I told Lisa there was a snake around but it hadn’t shown itself as yet, and no sooner then I spoke then up it came, laying in the sun. So, Lisa, and I moved up to the top of the picnic table and watched it while we drank our mug of coffee. Meanwhile, my sister let’s out the dog, who came rushing down to see us, spots the snake, grabs it in his mouth and shook it with all his might, back and forth in his mouth, spreading snake guts and pieces all over us, and landing in our coffee cups. We yelled at Sassy to stop, all the while trying to cover ourselves from the bits and pieces of gory guts, and afraid to get off the top of the picnic table. Finally Sassy dropped the snake which lay dead, while we jumped off the picnic table like the devil was after us!! Sassy picked up the snake again, and with it in his mouth and still shaking it, followed us running, as we could feel the snake hitting our bare legs! YUK!!

Once we got the dog stopped, I took a stick and hooked the snake with it and threw it in the water where it floated away and we ran to get washed off quivering with horror at what was covered on us.

Later in the day, Lisa was going to take us out in the boat, but when she started it, some part of the motor fell off into the water, so, she went to change into her bathing suit for the dive to attempt to retrieve the lost part. She took a big dive, and all of a sudden came flying up and out of the lake, like she was on a springboard, swearing profusely as she hit the dock and ran! The snake was laying on the bottom of the lake, right where she dove in where it had unknown to us, landed and stayed right beside the dock. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, until she started yelling about the $%^&** SNAKE, I threw in the water. I realized what happened instantly and I started to giggle, and then stood on the dock howling with laugher, holding my side, as tears rolled down my face, as she stood looking at me, with murder in her eyes!!

The dead snake had floated down and landed right beside the dock. She didn’t think it very funny, but it’s one of those fun cottage memories, we still laugh about now.

We’ve had many great memories at her cottage and I hope there will be many more in the future. Fun times!!!

So, that’s my bedtime story for you tonight, my pretties! I hope your dreams are pleasant.

Night, night!


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