Friday, March 6, 2009


P1040743Well, if you read the past blog, you will know of my insistence and pain and suffering in trying to walk aprox,about two and a half miles to Dundarave from Ambleside. Not a major feat but for my sore feet, very difficult!!

I started out, after 3 years of pretty well avoiding exercise like the plague, to finally taking the step (literally) to get healthier after turning the young age of 65. Especially before my whole body seized up. Funny but tonight, it’s feeling very seized up as I finally made it to the destination I wanted to reach. Of course, I had to walk home again.

I took it slow, then speeded it up, and ended up with tendonitis on the top of my foot and shin splints, which is agony!

However, I persevered and today, I went by myself instead of with my athletic walking partner, which I felt I was holding up, and I was also complaining too much about my sore feet. Tom and I started out together and he cut off and went to the Library.  I was to continue on with my walk, but  I had my camera with me, so stopped every now and then and snapped a few pictures, which made the walking not so grueling!

So, I’ll just show you some of today’s shots. This is a picture of the new BC Ferry, that was made and sailed from Germany


We where lucky to see it sail  into Vancouver for the first time this morning. Another big freighter called the Hyundai, is heading out to sea and passing the Ferry.

The Ferry cost the Province 13.3 Million dollars! I wonder why it had to be made in Germany and not local!! Don’t know the answer to that!! Makes one wonder though!







P1040718  P1040739 P1040746 P1040751 P1040745

This is a friendship ball, sent from Germany (and so they should after sending our Ferry business to them!) It’s  huge globe of the world that floats and turns on about 2 inches of water. I took a picture of the explanation on how it was all build with scientific calculations, but the picture isn’t readable, so I won’t include it. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I sat for awhile to listen to the man playing the accordion. He knew every type of music and it was lovely soaking up the sun (something my dermatologist tells me NOT to do, but I was slathered with sun screen, so was okay. The other picture of the sea wall, heading back home again. It’s a beautiful walk!! The picture below is another ship going out to sea, and the middle picture is to show how far our tulips are up. The mean looking cat, I took through a business window. I guess the cat is the guard-cat! He looks kind of mean eh?

P1040728 P1040717 P1040715


This is the lovely orchard plant that Bill and Dianne gave me for my birthday. I put them in the bathroom, and took the picture with the reflection in the mirror. Look at all those pretty blooms!!

That’s my blog for tonight! See you tomorrow! It’s suppose to rain!!

Ohhhh yeah….forgot to tell you, we had a beautiful 4th anniversary. Tom was VERY romantic all day, we went out for dinner, and stuck to our diet too!!

Onward to year 5 and beyond!!!

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