Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm back Having my computer go down is like having one of my arms cut off!! it all started with a bad file in Picasa, and me trying to fix it, and somehow, my Internet Explorer toolbar went off the radar. So, I thought I’d download Explorer 8 Beta, and see if it would fix the toolbar. This is after trying to restore to an earlier day, but it wouldn’t bring the toolbar back, it just seem to screw up the whole computer. So, I tried to uninstall IE 8. Things got worse!!! Tom figured out that I likely didn’t wait long enough to let the whole program load, as he says, and he’s right, I get impatient and won’t wait for the computer to do it’s thing!!

But, this morning, we got it working and now back in business! What a joy to see it all working right. I even got Picasa to work again!!

happy face 3

Saturday was a gorgeous day and Sunday was the complete opposite! Tom and I went walking and of course along came my trusty camera, so I’ll show you some pictures.


This is a lovely new bridge across a waterway from the melting mountain snow, leading off to the sea. There are many such streams around the area. This new bridge, makes for an even better route to the seawall.

P1040762 P1040767 P1040770

I love the seawall….there’s a ship coming in! Lovely flowers growing. This tree looked like pussy willows.

The next day, Mother Nature played a trick on us and transformed our Spring, back to Winter!

I went for a walk with my camera and took some snowy shots.


This was a little creek, I walked over on my way to the Mall! So Pretty!!



P1040791 P1040779 P1040782

One good thing about this snow, it melts away by afternoon, the sun comes out and we are back to Spring again.

Tom and I have been dieting for the past week. It’s the low carb, high protein diet. I keep going back and forth with 5 pounds gone, then I’m only down 4, then up to 6 lb. lost. It’s not consistent and I hope it starts moving down again soon.Tom is down 1 pound, but we both cheat a little, but he cheats a lot!

But we’ll keep plugging away and keep at it. We’ve sure had a few good laugh over who is catching who in cheating! We didn’t walk today, we feel weak with hunger!!( Don’t believe that!!!)

See you tomorrow! PS...I've added more tunes too!

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