Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Getting older seems to bring with it doctor and specialist appointments here and there. Nothing ever seriously wrong, just doing what the medical association prods us to do each year, by having an annual check-up! So, being the good patients we are, off we went    to see our wonderful physician for the results of our blood work and EKG, and tests....just to be on the safe side, because as they say "getting older isn't for sissy's!"

So, when he was reading my blood work and other such tests involved with having a physical, he said....(“Linda, I'm amazed at how wonderful your blood work is and your EKG is perfect, look at the ranges, they are just great!") I wasn't really surprised, as I feel very healthy, and didn't expect any big change from last year, even though, I can feel age creeping up to me. He's a very through doctor and as I sat on his medical table he took my blood pressure and it was in perfect range. Then he asked if I ever had chest pains, or gastric problems, or any other kind of problem, and I answered no to everything. Then he asked how was my mind! Tom who was also in the room gave a great snicker, and we all laughed, and I told the doctor, that along with aging, comes the problem that sometimes, of course, it takes me longer to come up with someone's name or where I put something and how sometimes I can go into a room and forget why I went in....the usual stuff! So, he began to feel around my neck with his hands, listening to the blood flow with his stethoscope and taking more time then I was beginning to feel comfortable with.

Then he decides to send me for a carotid artery ultrasound, which test the flow on each side of the neck which carries blood from the heart to the brain! Gosh, maybe I really am losing it!!!


Tom’s physical came out great as well, other then having more blood work done for possibly having B12 shots.

He then suggested we change our diet from The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet to the safer, South Beach Diet, so now, I’m trying to learn this new system of eating.

So, I suppose we are all set for another 1000 miles!

Then we went for a coffee and a biscotti!!

Whoop's forgot about the diet, guess I really do need this test!!!!!!!!!

Heading for the bathtub now, if I can find it!


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