Monday, April 13, 2009



Good morning the day after Easter when everyone if probably getting a little sick of eating chocolate!

That was a stupid, unbelievable statements, so I take it back….who could get sick of chocolate!!!

P1050101 P1050108

Tom and I where lucky to have been invited to Tom’s niece, Lisa and husband Darrin, for Easter dinner, along with their children Samantha and Mitchell and with Tom’s sister Belle and Ken. We had the most delicious ham dinner with all the trimmings, served on a very lovely decorated table!



The three Bunny’s!!


Two More!



From my empty seat, to Mitchell, drummer and hockey player extraordinaire, to Darren who, is just the most all-around perfect husband in the kitchen, to Ken and  Isabelle, Toms sister, sitting side by side, and then, little Samantha, who plays the piano beautifully (these two children are extremely well behaved and a joy to be around!), then beautiful Lisa, who I always enjoy so much being around because it takes away, some of my loneliness for my own two daughters. She’s fun, and always a joy to be around. The of course, the love of my live, Tom! We are just beginning to fill our plates and was it delicious!!




 P1050111                                                 Darren was trying out this new machine to making your vegetables look fancy!! I guess they would be delicious in a stir fry or a salad or put in cold water to make them curl up for decorations.

He was still in the experimental stage with this new machine. Look at his eyes as the cucumber is demolished into little curls!! hahahah


Then poor Darren (my hero) did ALL the dishes….now that’s a GOOD MAN!!!!!



Bailey got the huge ham bone, which was very quickly chewed down to a tiny bone! He wouldn’t look at me with it in his mouth.

EASTER is over for another year. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day and after the news is over, Tom and I will be off to do something!!

Here is a picture I took this morning, when I got up from our balcony. One is the mountains over in Victoria, and the other of some pretty trees, just below us.



This is how much the hosta’s are up in the pot on the deck!


Can’t wait, until the pot is overflowing and beautiful with big green Hosta leaves.

I love Hosta’s!!!

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