Wednesday, April 15, 2009


laughing horse

Everyone, has had those moments that are incredibly funny and you just can’t get it together to stop laughing, then the next day, when you remember back, it’s not so funny after all? Last night, I roared with laughter over the situation and found it so funny, that I just couldn’t get myself to stop……here’s what happened!!

I stayed up longer then Tom did last night, while I sat in the bathtub, reading my book. Finally, my own eyes wouldn’t stay open and I wasn’t comprehending even what I was reading, so I got out, dried off, onto nightgown and I turned out all the lights, and opened the bedroom door, and trying to be quiet, as I could hear Tom snoring and in a nice deep sleep. Only I misjudged the door frame in the dark and ended up SLAMMING the door, and instantly the snoring stopped and I thought….”oh no, I woke the poor guy up!!!” So, I stayed quiet a moment. Tom has this ability to drop off to sleep very quickly and before I could count to 10, he was snoring again!

So, quiet as I could,  I opened the patio door, nice and wide, and stepped out to feel the lovely warm evening. I could still hear Tom snoring away in a nice even gentle snore. Coming in, I tripped and stubbed my toe and fell against the bed, as I quietly swore!! Tom stopped snoring, so again, I was very quiet, and soon he started to continue his sleep, along with the snore.

I’m really sensitive to noise, so I have sponge ear plugs I keep in a little dish, beside the bed, thrown in with a pile of earrings. I was feeling around in the dark trying to feel the sponge plugs, and the dish tipped over onto this plastic tray and it was just “rattle, rattle, rattle”, as I picked through the earrings until I found the ear plugs. The snoring stopped, and I waited quietly, until it began again.

As quietly as I could, I took the big square decorative cushion that sits against the headboard, as well as the two other pillows, I don’t use, until only my little soft pillow was left. I went to set them on the floor, the big cushion slipped out of my hand and fell against the vertical blinds, which, crashed and banged and the blinds swayed back and forth!! Sheeesh….what else could go wrong!!! The snoring stopped, I waited until he began again.

I grabbed the blankets and sheets and pulled them down so I could slide in, the snoring stopped, and once I was in bed,  I realized, that Tom hadn’t got under the sheet, only the duvet, and we couldn’t sleep like that, and by this time, he was beginning to turn over in bed. So, I said “Tom, you’re in the wrong sheet, you have to get out and get under the blankets right!

So, he grumbled and groaned and was trying to get out of bed, and as soon as he stood up, I realized it was me under the sheet and was laying on the mattress cover!!!

I couldn’t help laughing!!! I laughed and I laughed and I laughed!! I had Tom laughing, I was laughing so hard. My stomach hurt, I couldn’t get control over it and I could barely get out, to tell him what I was laughing at, that it was ME under the wrong sheet, not him. I had made him get out of his warm bed, and interrupted his good sleep for some dumb thing I had done which to me was just a comedy of errors right from the beginning!!!

It’s one of those “you had to be there” type of situations!!! But, it feels good to have a good belly laugh like that now and then. But, I couldn’t sleep then, because, I’d settle down, then think about it again, and get giggling hysterically into my pillow.

Something, I forgot to mention, was that I have this miserable toothache!!!


It’s been aching since I woke up on Monday and hoped it would settle down and stop aching, but it got worse through the day. Tylenol helped for awhile, but it makes me so tired and then another time, if I take Tylenol before bed, it keeps me awake, so it’s a “crap shoot” whichever way it will go! Last night, after I stopped laughing, which tended to really make it ache more, I ended up having a miserable night with little sleep after taking two pills.

We had to be up and at the hospital for 8 a.m for a 6 hour stress test for Tom. It’s a hurry up and wait type of test!!

There is nothing worse sitting around a hospital!! I kept eyeing the gurneys and wondering if anyone would notice if I crawled onto one while I waited. Thought I better not!! Got home took Tylenol, tried to get some shut eye, but the Tylenol wouldn’t make me tired,like I hoped….nothing going my way lately….so lay there, until I was freezing and got up!!

It was arranged that our new fridge was to arrive tomorrow, and of course they deliver whenever!! So, thought I better stick around tomorrow as I have to clean the fridge out of jars and bottles and clean behind it before they put the new fridge in place, so when I called the dentist this morning, I made the appointment on Friday at 10. A perm appointment the same day at 1pm.

We get home, and there is a message from Sears that the fridge will be delivered on Friday!!! Damn!!!! Tomorrow, I’ll be on the phone early to see if I can get the tooth appointment changed. It hurts so bad, I hope I can….I’m not beneath begging!!

I’m also like a bear with a sore paw!!! Only, it’s a sore tooth!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!


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