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Okay, okay, I’m a wimp! All my worrying and moaning and groaning about going to the dental surgeon, was not as bad as expected….BUT……next week, I have to go through all this fretting AGAIN!! Today, ended up being only a consultation, where the dentist took another x-ray view of my bad tooth to see it would show the root canals, but I wasn’t so lucky!! He said, some people have more then 3 canals, some less! I asked if I might have only one, and he said no, because of the shadow around my tooth showing infection. I only understood half of what he said, but what did click with me is that this procedure which will take place in two appointments of two hours long each. It possibly could not be able to fix, but they want money up front….$1,600, and more if it has to be extracted, if they can’t fix it!! They tapped on it and every other tooth, and I felt nothing, they rubbed hard on my gums for pain…nothing, so I thought, that was all a good sign, but apparently it just means the antibiotics worked good!

Above is the link that tells what can and might be done to save that little miserable tooth!

So, enough of this tooth business…for now!

After the dentist office, we went out to breakfast, and then on one of Tom’s mystery trip that took us up the Sea to Sky highway to Squamish! It was a beautiful day, so I’ll just show you some pictures of the beautiful scenery along the way. I wish the pictures showed just how incredible the sights are!!


The road is under construction because of the 2010 Games at Whistler, but look at this rock cut! Amazing how they do this stuff!!


P1050214 P1050215


Look at the size of that rock!!!! Everywhere you look it’s beautiful!

P1050225 P1050228 P1050232

P1050246 P1050255 P1050261

This is a campsite and you wouldn’t believe the  bunch of people setting up tents for camping and all the sites reserved for the weekend!! A little too chilly for me!!! Look at that tree with all the nests in it!


P1050267 P1050280   P1050289 P1050281 P1050287

Shannon Falls, I had to walk a little ways to get close to it, but what a spectacular sight!! Absolutely beautiful back there, in the woods, with the sound of the falls and the birds twittering away, and a few other people admiring it also.





P1050291 P1050293

Lot’s of little hiding places for animals to get out of bad weather, in these trees!!


Chieftain Face Mountain in Squamish where people rock climb to the top!!! I don’t know how they do it!!!! Wow!!! Steep!




I wish I could show you all of the many pictures I took today, but they just don’t show up in picture’s like they do being there! But it’s a beautiful scenic drive, and most of my pictures where taken out the car window, moving at 70 K’s, so they are just so-so!! But it was a delightful day, and we ended up at Tim Horton’s for a coffee and treat, and back home again!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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